Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sulphur Bath in Republic Of Georgia - My Experience

While I was doing my research on things to do in Georgia, I came across articles that sang praises of "Sulphur Bath". Being a skincare junkie & Beauty Blogger based in the Middle East, I have been mesmerized with the beauty benefits of the Moroccan Bath or Hamam. The suphur bath sounded very similar to the Hamam and I was sold. 

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I thought we will have to struggle to find the Sulphur Bath's once in Georgia, but it was surprisingly easy to find. Infact, we were on a hike down from the Fort mentioned in the below video when I spotted these beautiful & mysterious brick domes far below. I took a wild guess and told Ruben that it could be the famous Sulphur Bath. So, we hiked down, made our way to the domes, and what do you know, I was right! (I'm a GENIOUS!)

So the "Sulphur bath" is the natural (steaming hot) sulphur rich spring water that is abundant in Georgia. Apparently, it is the secret of their glowing, youthful, buttery soft skin. They say that it also has a lot of health benefits. It is good for arthritis, and bones and muscle pains. We were intrigued! so we booked an appointment, since the walk in had a 2 hour waiting line. (Watch the above video for more information)

Once we got in, we were surprised that once again, no one spoke English, and no one gave us any instructions. Like as though we were just expected to know where to go and what to do. They lead us to this giant private room as showed in our vlog, and closed the doors. All we were asked is if we wanted a public bath or a private one. We chose a private room.  The private room comes with 2 pools, 1 with the an open tap of natural steaming hot Sulphur spring water and another smaller pool with ice cold water, 2 shower heads, a marble bed and a toilet. I went back and asked them what we were supposed to do, and we were told to dip in the Sulphur water for 15 minutes, and then the ice cold water for 5 minutes. Then someone will come to give you a bath and scrub you down to baby skin.
I couldn’t get myself into the cold water pool. But ruben braved it. This is amazing for your blood circulation and skin. Apparently, Sulphur bath is good for your entire body. So many benefits to it. 

Another confusion we had is if we should completely undress for the bathing part or if swimsuit was allowed. Later we found out that you can wear swimsuits, but in the public baths nudity is common & preferred. We don't know because we didnt get the chance to go to the public pool.

But what I can testify to is the baby’s butt SOFT skin. That is still an understatement. That is no jokes! Our skin felt like silk! And we were so refreshed, like we got an oxygen shot.  Like, I would go back to Georgia, JUST FOR A SULPHUR BATH!

I honestly would like to go back, taking my parents as well, JUST FOR THE SULPHUR BATH!
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