Monday, May 8, 2017

11 Things NO ONE Will Tell You About Tbilisi, Georgia

Hey My loves!

So we went on a short trip to Georgia, and here's our helpful tips and experience

A video travel guide is speaks louder than a million words, so check out my Georgia Travel vlog, part 1 to see our First impressions, reactions and all that good stuff.

While packing & planning our trip to Georgia (Country, Europe) I was honestly very scared because all the blogs I read said that it is freezing cold in April. But I was hanging on that thin thread of hope that we'd be travelling during END of April, and things would start warming up then. (as though a few days really  make a difference)
The weather app said that the temp ranged between 15 deg C - 19 deg C and that is freezing cold in Kuwait. But a friend of mine reminded me that 15 deg C in Kuwait is very very different from 15deg C in Europe. And boy was she right!

It was bright and sunny and happy and comfy during our entire stay. 

A few advice I want to give for people looking to travel to Georgia :

1. We carried USD and converted to GEL locally. It worked out well for us.
2. People do not speak English in Georgia. If you're visiting the city of Tbilisi, you can scrape around with actions and some broken English (remember to speak S.L.O.W, so that you both understand each other well) but once you move away from the city, forget communication all together
3. I read a lot that Georgians are some the nicest people on Earth. But my experience differed slightly. Maybe they don't like Indians? (Like people in Bangkok) Anyways, beware of touristy traps and scammers. Especially Tbilisi is FULL of them. I had old ladies trying to sell me flowers every 10 minutes, and I had to listen to them curse me each time, if I didn't. Little girls tag along and pull on your clothes and really bother you if you don't give them money. 
4.Taxi drivers charge whatever they feel like, they usually overprice the fares ridiculously. So, if you find someone who you like, stick to that person for the entire journey. And ask the locals for the estimated fare between destinations before you hop on a taxi.
5. METRO / Underground is incredibly cheap, easy and convenient. But the underground is quite UNDER-GROUND, So, if you're claustrophobic, you might get anxious.
6. GCC nationals and GCC residents do not require a visa to get into the country. You can simply walk-in!
7. Food is delicious, but heavy. So if you want to be kind to your stomach, make sure you order salads during each meal. We also carried some Yogi digestive tea which really helped.
8. THE BEST WINE ON THE PLANET. period. (no hangover)
9. The Georgian snickers / churchkela is tastier when fresh, cheweier/rubbery when slightly old. Also, we preferred the darker berry coloures flavours like Plum, Pomogranate etc..
10. You MUST TRY the eggplant with walnut dish. We had it E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y!
11. If you are planning on travelling to Georgia, book your tickets in advance. You will get AMAZING deals. Summer months can be quite expensive. 

That's all for now guys, check out my Instagram for more pictures and my travel vlogs to experience the journey like you're actually there!



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