Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Best Ways To Experience Geneva

Discover Geneva like an insider with Beau-Rivage’s Clefs d’Or who know not only the city’s hidden gems, but will customise an itinerary fit for a stay of any length. Famous for its dramatic Alpine peaks, shimmering lakes, and home of the most luxurious horology brands and fashion houses, visitors will bask in the fresh mountain atmosphere at outdoor cafés and many other activities. With the bespoke service and meticulous hospitality that guests receive in the centuries-old Beau-Rivage from the Clefs d’Or, even first-time visitors will navigate the city like experts.

A popular destination for centuries thanks to its abundance of monuments, museums, gardens, boutiques, trekking and ski slopes, planning the perfect visit can seem a little overwhelming. 

Beau-Rivage’s concierges are here to help, however, with top tips and the ability to arrange experiences to entertain even the most worldly traveller. 

Below are the must do things in Geneva as suggested by Hotel Beau-Rivage

1.City Centre and Old Town Geneva
Perched on the shores of Lake Geneva, there is no better way to be transported to Old Town than on a boat. Board and take a closer look at the Jet d’Eau fountain before disembarking to stroll Old Town’s cobblestone streets and discover its secret nooks and paths. Wander through the Parc des Bastion under majestic chestnut trees and see the imposing figures of the Reformation Wall.
2. Fondue on a boat
For a unique Friday evening, Beau-Rivage’s well-connected concierge can book a tasting experience of Swiss cheese on board one of the CGN boats gliding along Lake Geneva. It is an unforgettable and relaxing experience to enjoy delicious fondue with panoramic views of Switzerland.
3. The Quartier des Bains
Art lovers must visit the trendy neighbourhood Quartiers des Bains. Home to all things artistic, with cutting-edge art galleries that host national and international artists. Industrial factories of the 1950s have been transformed into museums such as the Contemporary Art Centre. Beau-Rivage’s concierge can even arrange for a guided tour led by the Director of the Centre d’Art Contemporain.
4. The Rue du Rhône and Marché
Only seven minutes away from a shopping hub, fashionistas can indulge in a haven of prestigious fashion brands on the Rue du Rhône. Featuring watches, clothing and jewellery – not to mention boutiques of master chocolatiers – visitors will discover the names that have given Geneva its luxurious reputation. Beau-Rivage’s concierge can act as a personal shopper at the famous Bongénie store, on the elegant Rue de Marché. Better yet, book an exclusive appointment with Cartier – either in store or in your hotel room – to admire the exceptional craftsmanship of the brand and perhaps invest in an extraordinary piece of your own.
5. The Broken Chair
A city landmark at Place des Nations square, in front of the second-largest United Nations centre, this installation faces views of the lake and the Alps, and along the way you can visit the Red Cross museum. Continue the journey by visiting CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, which offers free guided tours for groups of 12-48 people (Monday to Saturday and at 9am and 2pm). Each tour lasts about three hours and includes an introduction followed by a film, a visit to one of the experiments and/or to an accelerator located at its surface. And this is within a six-minute drive from Beau-Rivage.
6. Parc des Eaux-Vives
Visit the park on a Sunday morning for a delicious brunch, followed by a stroll in its fragrant rose garden and beneath centuries-old trees overlooking Lake Geneva. Ideal for a meditative experience in fresh air, cap off the experience with a leisurely lake cruise.
Whether it’s a museum jaunt, a boat ride on Lake Geneva or a ski trip to Mont Blanc, each guest’s itinerary is carefully crafted with the help of Beau-Rivage’s concierges. Long-time members of the Clefs d’Or, they are wells of knowledge for a made-to-measure tour of the secrets of Geneva, tailored to the most discerning traveller’s needs. They will be your right hand in a foreign country, a personal assistant, personal shopper, organiser and even a travel consultant.


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