Friday, September 23, 2016

Where To Stay In Santorini - Santorini Secret Review and Travel Tips

Hey Guys,

If you follow my travel vlogs on Youtube, you'd know that we had traveled to Greece this summer. We had the pleasure of staying a few nights in Santorini, and what better hotel that Santorini Secret to stay at. So, here is my review of Santorini Secret.

In case you missed my travel vlogs, you can watch them here. :) 

Santorini Secret like many hotels in Santorini is built on the Caldera of the island facing the beautiful Aegean sea. 

So the hotel is literally invisible from where your taxi is going to drop you off (mostly people rent a car, so either ways, the hotels built on the caldera are invisible from the car park.)

You walk the beautiful streets of Oia, and see fancy hotel names and humble gates next to them. Santorini Secret is just like that. You open the gate and walk down to the reception, and then they will further make you wake down the cliff (caldera) to your beautiful room.

I have shown it all in detail in my vlogs, since a video speaks way louder than words, I highly recommend you watch the above videos if you're interested in seeing this 1 of a kind hotel. Honestly, you will not find a hotel like this anywhere else in this world! Now if that is not special, what is?

If you're thinking " Where should I stay in Santorini?" I would answer Oia in a heart beat. Again, please refer to the videos for the reason why :) 
Coming to the review of Santorini Secret:

Location: Santorini Secret is pretty much located right in the beginning of the famous street of Oia. It is easily accessible, wonderfully located and easy to find.

Room: The room we stayed in was 1 of a kind. Like I explained above, the pristine white room built on the slopes of the caldera is pretty much like staying in a beautiful white cave with a private balcony and a temperature controlled infinity pool! Every aspect in the room is unique. Even the wash basin in the bathroom is a piece of volcanic rock from Santorini! It is overall so romantic that it is perfect if you are on your honeymoon travel, or your 100th anniversary travel, or really anything in between!

Staff: The staff at Santorini Secret are so so friendly. Infact we spend a few evening just chatting with the staff about local life and food. It was like catching up with old friends! Not to mention, they are also extremely helpful and efficient. And most importantly, they speak fluent English!

Food: As you may have seen from our vlogs, they bring the breakfast to your room. You have to fill a questionnaire each day mentioning all that you wish to have for breakfast each day. You can even tell them how you like your food made! Brilliant!

For Bookings and information:

Now let me share some amazing pictures of our room.

Bathroom storage space

canopy bed


Stairs to the living room from bedroom

Private balcony with private temperature regulated infinity pool

A piece of volcanic rock used as wash basin

Sunset at Santorini



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