Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nivea Sun - Whitening Immediate Sun protection Collagen Protect SPF 50++ Review

Hey My Loves,
It's Nivea's turn to be reviewed today. Keep reading to know what I feel about this guy.

You know that I like to keep my reviews short and sweet. So let me get straight into it. I hate this sunscreen!

The screaming words "whitening" or "collagen" did not sell me this product. The "Immediate protection" and SPF 50 PA++ UVA UVB" sold me this product.

But I see what they did there. It's like they did a quick google search of all the trending skincare terms and simply slapped it all on this bottle of really shitty sunscreen.

Let's get over with the only positive - It is inexpensive and easily available. (Part of the reason why I got it, because it was an impulse purchase just before our Cyprus trip last year)

Now let me elaborate on all of the negatives -

I cannot believe that it actually says non-sticky on the tube! Because it is like applying GLUE ON YOUR FACE!
It is so sticky that your fingers stick to each other after applying this on your face. I tried using it up on my body, but it's just so darn sticky! Same goes for the body version of the Nivea sunscreens. 

It is also makes your skin SUPER OILY. 
It does not protect your skin, or prevent sun tanning/ skin burning. It even broke me out with all of it's stickiness! 
And obviously, there is no collagen or anti aging properties in this sunscreen,
I did not feel that it was water resistant either.

So, please save your money and don't buy this sunscreen guys. Even though it could be the most easily available sunscreen in the Middle East. It does nothing.

Hope this review helped you.



  1. Thanks for the quick and honest review. I also feel that despite the reputation, a lot of nivea products are pretty useless.

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  7. Nivea is very popular around here, Not surprised to see on the list.
    Cants say about others though.

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