Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Aishwarya Rai Cannes 2015 Makeup & Hair - Breakdown

Before we start our discussion, let's take a moment to acknowledge this woman's beauty. I mean, wow! I just can't get over staring at her beautiful face!

For the makeup, we start with a nice clean face. I have explained how to apply foundation, and conceal hyper pigmentation, blemishes and dark circles in plenty of my videos. Here  is 1 that you may find helpful

The foundation I applied is literally the exact same as the following video:

Then comes the eyes, the eyeshdaow was simple. a shimmery taupe shade with some outer corner and crease definition and the star of the show - that teal eyeliner!

When I first saw her picture, I was like " How the hell did she get her green eyes to pop like that? " And then at a closer look I say the brilliant emerald green liner that matched her eyes and dress perfectly. I feel the whole look was designed brilliantly to bring out her gorgeous peppers.

I have explained the eye makeup clearly in the following video:


If I was given the power to change anything, I would change the lip colour to something lighter, something more summery. The colors were all super rich and reminiscent of the winter.

So that's my break down of the makeup.

If you prefer more pastel colors, Ash rocked that gorgeous lavender like never before

It is a super simple but fun and wearable look for summer. Here is the tutorial.

If you'd like to take a look at Aishwarya Rai's 2014 makeup look,  I have a video for you!

And if you'de like to see how to contour like the ever green beauty, watch the following video:

Now, for the crowning glory, I have a video on her retro glam, old hollywood hair too! lol, yea, I did quite some work here :'D

So that's it from me today guys. Hope you enjoyed this post!
Until next time,


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  2. You're so beautiful! What contacts did you use?

  3. The greatest mystery of the Internet - jovita's age.... ��

  4. Amazing vid jo !! U look gorgeous as ever !!

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  6. Wow! Love that blue eyeliner. It really pops!

    xx Yasmin

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  9. I really love your eyes. its so preety which contacts do you use.keep posting such tips.


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