Sunday, February 1, 2015

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge water proof liquid lip color swatch & review (No.16)

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge water proof liquid lip color (shade no. 16)

The MUFE Aqua Rouge lipcolor comes in a dual tube container. 1 side contains the matte longlasting color, and the other side contains the moisturizing glossy topcoat.
The color container has a sponge tip applicator, whereas the clear glossy topcoat has a brush tip applicator.

Application: Apply the color, wait for it to completely dry, then apply the top coat.

Let's dive into the pros's and con's:


1. Super long lasting
2.Super Opaque
3. The color is matte, the gloss is super glossy!
4. Comfortable wear. Does not dry out your lips once you've applied the gloss on top
5. Full, even covergae
6. Easy application. The applicators give very  beautiful and clean application
7. Minimal, almost zero transfer
8. Does not dry out your lips


1. Has the old school lipstick smell. And it's pretty intense too.
2. Tastes like the old school lipstick as well. But the smell and taste wears out after the formula has dried and set onto your lips.
3. The color is very sticky and tacky without the topcoat. Once the topcoat is on, it wears very comfortably.
4. Starts slightly peeling after you've had food. But nothing very noticeable or major.
5. Reapplying is a Bi**h though! The formula starts peeling and crumbling when you reapply the color. But once the gloss is on, the crumbly look kind of goes away. The topcoat kind of smooths everything out, just like a nail polish topcoat. 

So, overall, I love it, and I recommend it. It's perfect for a long day, weddings and such important events.
Also lovely for daily wear!



  1. Love the colour 💟 Looks really good on you Jovi 💋

  2. Ooh love this shade on you Jovita! I have been a follower on YouTube for such a long time now, but your blog is awesome too :-) Whoop Whoop for India beauty Gurus!


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