Thursday, January 29, 2015

The 3 step makeup for work: Rihanna inspired quick everyday makeup.

How often would we like to turn up to work looking like Rihanna?
How often does the alarm go off, you ignore that noisy monster, and you chose to sleep in until it's way to late?
Almost Everyday
Ok, I've tried and tested this look many times, 'cuz I'm one of those who never has the time, but I better not be walking out of that door looking like all kinda mess. So here goes the foolproof look!
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Step 1: Winged Eyeliner!

Practice makes perfect my love. If you're not an expert yet, just don't give up. There will be a day when you can wing the shit out of that liner with your eyes closed! 
P.s: Don't forget your mascara.

okay, let's move on to step to quickly.

Step 2: A long lasting bold lipstick!
Bold doesn't have to mean Marsala (although marsala is just the thing u need to be obsessing over right now)
It can be your fav red, bright fuchsia, a deep burgundy, plum, whatever ticks your fansy.
There's something about a bold lipcolor that quickly pulls your look together. You look effortless and chic!

Step 3: Dab a lipstain on the apples of your cheeks and tap tap tap to blend it out!
This will give you the flush and a glow. So you've killed 2 birds with 1 stone. 
Blush, highlighter- Done!

And that's it!

Take a selfie if you still have a minute to spare. 

Watch the video for more details:

Need help with eyeliners?

Here you go:


  1. Fool proof and easy! Loved the video as well. Thanks :)

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