Monday, January 5, 2015

Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum Review + PowerOfChange Winners

Boots Protect & Perfect Advanced & Intense advanced serum

I firmly believe that a good serum is 1 of the most important part of skincare. If you wish to invest in any 1 skin care product, it should be a serum!
Good face cleansers and moisturizers are easy to find even at lower price points.
Having said that let's get on with the review of the new & improved Boots Protect & Perfect Advanced and Intense Advanced serum.

The award winning Boots No7 Protect & Perfect range has been a cult favorite of women around the globe for years now. Boots has gone a step further and released the new & improved version which is even better than the original formula.

You can buy the  No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced serum to take care of first signs of aging (between ages 18 - 35), or buy the  No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum if you have more mature skin and deeper wrinkles.

Price: In Kuwait, the advacned version retails for KWD 13.500, and the intense advanced version will cost you KWD 14.500

Packaging: Comes in a simple plastic squeeze tube with a narrow nozzle with a twist up cap. This gives you a control of how much product you need and hence, there is product no wastage.

My review: I love it! This is the only potent skincare product I took to my recent holiday, and my skin feels amazing. You know how your skin is beat up and dead by the end of a vacation? Nope, non of that happened to me. My skin is happy, thanks to this serum!
It promises to target your skin concerns and fix them. It did help in evening out my complexion and brighten my skin. I don't have many wrinkles, a few fine lines under my eyes , which I'm sure is just going to stay. 
But I'm sure the serum is helping prevent premature skin aging.
The only down side is that you have to use slightly more than you would with any other serum.
I let my mom try the intense version, and she is happy with it too.
Usage: I apply a good amount onto my face, neck and sometimes even my decolletage after cleansing, before moisturizing.

Together with Boots, I had hosted a PowerOfChange challenge in the month of December. The challenge was about changing just 1 thing in your life, to witness the the overall result it brings by the end of 1 month. 
As far as skin care is concerned, the 1 change I made to my routine is include the P&P serum and my skin is happy!

I'd like to announce the winners of the #Powerofchange challenge here:


To claim the prize, please send me a direct message on my facebook page within 24 hours with your address 
Facebook page:

Congrats to the winners and all who participated. The real prize at the end of all this is what you worked hard for! Congrats! :)


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