Monday, December 15, 2014

Mixing Prints - Plaid + Leaf Print + Giveaway (Jack Wills Kuwait)

Hey my loves!
Have you checked out the Jack Wills Giveaway yet? Stay tuned untill the end of this post for the rules!

Shall we start with this outfit post?

You know that my love for plaid is never ending. One might say that I have one too many plaid shirts. 
As seen - hereherehere & here, just to show a few!

I've never worn a plaid shirt with a dress though!
This is what I love about fashion. Just when you feel like you've done it all and seen it all, you think of doing something absolutely senseless and crazy like this!

I mean, no harm in wearing this gorgeous corseted A-line dress on its own. 
Dress it up with a pair of snazzy heels, a clutch, sparkly earring and a showl (Just to keep you a little warm during chilly winter nights) 

BUT! You know me, I like to steer clear from the norm. I hate wearing clothes the way it's meant to be. I see each new piece as a challenge.
Walking into a store, looking at a plain 'ol pretty dress, I'm Like 
"Hmmmmmm... What can I do with this?"
Everybody around you needn't agree / approve / appreciate. But you do it for yourself! Remember? :)
Oh, I love Fashion!
Have I told you that?
And, I love my husband for putting up with my eccentric sense of style :) 

Anyhu, When I saw this dress and that shirt, in the very same color family, my print mixing diva jumped out and screamed, 
" Please Jovi - You just have to do this!"
And I complied! :D

For the rest of the look, I wore a pair of black tights to keep my legs warm, put on a pair of combat boots , 'cuz that's just how I do, and wore a blingy necklace and half hoops to complete the look!

Outfit Details:

Shirt, Dress, Bag: JackWills
Glasses: Chanel
Necklace: Forever 21
Boots: River Island

Now, to win the Jack Wills giveaway, all you have to do is follow the following very simple rules:

1. Follow me on facebook:
2. Follow Jack Wills Me on facebook:
3. Like and comment underneath my picture stating which look you like better, and why!

That's all!
All the best, and Happy Holidays!


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  2. The Lady in Black look is my absolute favorite <3!!! I LOVE the all black look and the jacket and jumper are both SO cute <3!!! I like both pages on fb I am Emmy S. and my e-mail is laluver101(at)gmail(dot)com :) <3!!! Thank you so much! this is so amazing thank you thank you thank you:D!!!!!! <3!!! Thank You for showing us that the holidays are about giving gifts and not just receiving them<3!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOOOO very much for this amazing, kind, generous, and awesome giveaway! You really know the spirit of giving :) THANK YOU!!!!  :)

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