Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen (Past Curfew 7) Review & swatch

Marc Jacobs Makeup launched in Kuwait back in May. 
Needless to say, it is much hyped and lusted after.
But is it worth the big investment?

Keep reading for my full review, swatch, price and availability!
First things first, basic info:

Price: KWD 12.5
Available at: Sephora Kuwait
Available in: 7 shades (you get darker shades too, YIPPIEE!)

Talking about the packaging, it comes in a chic acrylic feeling black pen. The Remedy concealer has a click-y end, and a palladium tip. 
Apparently Mr.Marc Jacobs wanted a luxurious cooling tip for the concealer, that will give a cooling sensation on application and help with reducing under eye puffiness.
It also supposedly contains caffeine to reduce under eye darkness (hence, the name Remedy)

My review: Simply put, I love it. It is a very light runny formula that doesn't feel thick or cakey under the eyes. 
Women with dry, mature under eye area can wear this concealer with ease.
It has a build-able medium coverage, which seems to do the trick for my dark circles. 
If you have heavier darkness underneath your eyes, you may need to build it up, or use a corrector underneath (depending on the intensity of your darkness)
It does appear to slightly crease under the eyes, but nothing dramatic. But it lasts a very long time!
It also seems to be slightly water proof, so you can get away with a small moody cry baby session! :P
But I didn't notice any reduction of under eye darkness, I didn't expect any such action from makeup anyways!

The best part is that it comes in a variety of shades. So women with deeper skin tones like myself can own this luxury too!

See how it applies in this video:

You can either apply it directly from the pen, using the cooling palladium tip, or use a brush to buff it in (how I prefer to apply it)

Stay tuned for a video tutorial of me showing how it applies.

So, that's all ladies. This one is a winner! 
Have a great day!


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