Tuesday, October 14, 2014

L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara Vs. False Lash Wings ( Butterfly effect Mascara): Comparison & Review + Swatches

Finding a great mascara is like winning a lottery, 'cuz eyes are the windows to the soul, and great lashes make those windows unavoidably pretty!
Too deep?

Just keep reading for the complete comparison and review of the very famous Miss Manga Mascara and Butterfly Effect Mascara from L'oreal

L'Oreal has done a great job with both these mascaras!

Let's make this review really simple. Both Miss Manga mascara and False Lash Wings mascara are great mascaras, a definite favorite in my mascara list!
They both give great volume and length.
They are both non-waterproof, hence it is easy to remove at night.
They both give clump-free voluminous lashes. 
But they both come with different wands, and small little pros and cons, so let's get into those. And stay tuned till the end for lash swatches of both the mascaras.

 Butterfly Effect Mascara

This mascara has a very interesting and a very different wand. From one side it looks like a regular plastic wand, but when you turn it to the opposite side, it has 2 "combs" that gradually increase in length to give that "butterfly" lashes.
My explanation could be confusing, so please take a look at the following picture.

Now, I have a love hate relationship with this wand. 
Oh, let me put it across that I only use the butterfly comb area of the wand, never flipped it over to apply mascara!
The butterfly part is designed such that it fits perfectly on your right eye (if your dominant hand is the right hand),  it gives the most beautiful fluttery lashes ever! 
But, when it comes to applying mascara on the left eye, you have to twist your hand such that the longer end of the wand fits the outer corner of your lash, or you just dont give a sh** and apply mascara anyway.
 But this will give you different lash effect on both your eyes. SO, applying mascara with the Butterfly effect mascara is great, and gives beautiful results, BUT it's time consuming!

Just 1 con - towards the end of the day, the mascara starts to crumble and fall on your cheeks, it can even get in your eye if you decide to take a nap. :/

Miss Manga Mascara


Miss Manga comes with a typical fiber christmas tree shaped wand. The wand tapers towards the end so it makes applying mascara to your inner and outer lashes very very simple.
The wand on the whole is way larger than the butterfly effect mascara, so applying mascara with Miss Manga gets the job done faster too!

The wand is also extremely flexible. I'm not too fond of this feature, and I really don't understand it's purpose. But, it doesn't hinder with my mascara application.

Take a look at the swatches now:


On the whole, I prefer the Butterfly effect mascara, since it gives slightly more volume, but Miss Manga allows quicker application and longer staying power.
I like to layer these 2 mascaras to get best of both world, as you can see from the last image.

So, my final verdict - I LOVE BOTH THE MASCARAS! :)


  1. Beautiful eyebrows and lashes. Great review :)

  2. From where can we buy it in Kuwait ?

    1. Debenhams, Vavavoom, Centerpoint, Max and any other cosmetics store!

  3. Hello, I have never tried the Manga mascara but I use the butterfly effect regularly and love it. As you I think that it's staying power is not that good that s why I now use the waterproof version which is perfect it curls lashes more and the effects last also longer. You should give it a try! Good review!

    1. Thanks fot the comment Dianna. I prefer not to use water proof mascara's since it is a pain to remove at night :) But, glad to hear that it works for you. :)

  4. Beautiful!

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