Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Introduction to Fall Trends - PLAID

Hey my loves!

Let me introduce you to a classic Fall/Autumn trend today - Plaid!
Keep reading for more info on the trend and to take part in the Jack Wills KD 75 Contest!

Come fall, come the rich colors of fall!
 Burgundy (which was popularly called Oxblood last year), Mustard (ofcourse!), Navy Blue, Olive Green and so on..
And 1 print that stands out the most especially during fall is PLAID.

There's something about plaid that is comfy, cozy and equally trendy!
Summer, spring or fall, I'm always a fan of plaid as you can see from my previous posts:,,

Styling plaid is really easy, and the easiest and the most common way to wear it is with denim, as I did for this particular outfit. 

For accessories, I pulled out another trending pattern, let's call it the "cow print". 
There should be symphony in some part of your outfit, so I matched my belt with my bag, but contrasted the print on these with the plaid. 
See what I did there? There's always a method to my madness :p

What I love about these accessories is their texture. 
It's not just plain 'ol leather. It's soft lil furry leather!  So, when you're stressed, just rub the bag. AAah, bliss!

Kept the rest of my outfit pretty simple. A pair of metallic gladiator sandals, and John Lennon sun glasses, a skull bangle (that my folks think is evil) and my Love Moschino watch that I picked up from the Men's collection :D

Coming to the Jack Wills contest, I'm sure you're aware of it already, but here are the rules.

The 2nd part of the contest is commencing today. The winner will  win KD 75 worth shopping spree in Jack Wills Kuwait!

The rules are simple:

1. Follow Jack Wills Me on facebook:
2. Like and comment on the competition picture on the JackWillsMe facebook page, explaining which of my outfits you like best, and why
3. And lastly, follow me on facebook (obvi!):

Btw, All the items I'm wearing in this look are from Jack Wills, so if you're interested in getting them, they are still in stores.
Have a great day my loves! And all the best for the contest :)


  1. I love plaid! Spring, summer, autumn, winter...I wear plaid all year round. I have every colour, every style plaid shirt that one can think of. Hubs calls it my uniform! ;-)

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