Monday, September 22, 2014

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac - Review & Tutorial

Urban Decay moon dust eyeshadows were super hyped when they came out a while ago.
Is it worth the hype? Find out, keep reading!

Okay, so like any typical girl, I am a huge fan of anything that sparkles. Anything with glitter. So, when I saw these moon dust babies from Urban Decay I couldn't resist myself for too long.
Let me first give you a few stats:
Available at : Sephora
Price: 7 KD
Product size: 1.5g (regular eyeshadow size)
What it is: pressed glitter eyeshadow
Okay, now that's out of the way, let me give you my take on Urban Decay Mood Dust eyeshadows.

You know how there are plenty of glitter eye-shadows, which you use a couple of times, and the glitter is all out?, because there is just a layer of glitter on the top, and once you've used that up, all you get is plain old boring eye shadow? 
The moon dust is not like that. You're going to get glitter until the very last use!
And then there is the problem of having glitter all over your face when you have glitter eye shadow on! For some reason, that doesn't happen with this either. Atleast not for most parts, and as long as you apply it carefully.
The moondust eyeshadow is super finely milled pressed glitter. There is no hassle of tipping over your pot of glitter, getting a glitter glue and getting glitter all over your place. It doesn't really require a primer either, but of course, use of a primer will make your eyeshadow pop and last longer.
In my opinion, it is worth every penny, and I am itching to get myself atleast a few more shades, because I am in LOVE!


 Here is what it looks like when applied. It just gives the most beautiful glistening effect without being too chunky or childish.

And here's the video tutorial explaining how to achieve this look in simple steps:


  1. Soon post other glitteries in this series of ud , wish how it blends on Ur lids


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