Saturday, September 27, 2014

POND'S Gold Radiance youth reviving eyecream with REAL GOLD microparticles

POND'S Gold radiance eye cream with "real" GOLD micro particles, along with the rest of the gold radiance range is a hugely popular range in Asia.

Is it worth the hype? Keep Reading!

Products Details:

Price: KD 5.250
Available at: All department stores (Carrefour, Geant, LuLu, Sultan Center etc..)
Product Volume: 15ml


1. Infused with READ GOLD microparticles
2. Youth reviving (implies reduction/prevention of fine lines & wrinkles)
3. Brightening
4. Refreshes tired eyes
5. Diminishes puffiness
6. Non comedogenic

To be used: Twice daily.

My Thoughts:

First of all, I'm not buying that a products that cost me KD 5.250 has real gold anything, to be honest I also think, that's mocking the intelligence of the consumer to state that there real gold PARTICLES in there.
I didn't buy it for that claim, what sold me the product was the "youth reviving" part, since "anti-aging" is the only benefit I look for in an eye cream, everything else is a bonus.

My Experience:

I didn't expect this, and this caught me off-guard. The eye cream actually has visible gold shimmer! Do they expect us to believe that, the gold shimmer, is actual gold? err no.
Now, my problem with the shimmer is that, this eye cream is designed to be a day and night cream. The glitter got in my eyes as twist and turn during sleep, and irritated my eyes indescribably. After a while, my eyes also seemed like it was getting infected. Every morning I would wake up with crusts (disgusting) sealing my eyes!
And for the day time, the glitter just moved around the whole face (although I applied the eyecream only under my eyes), making me look like a cheap glitter ball for work!
It's not that pretty highlighter sheen. It is straight up gold glitter. :/

If that was not enough, my skin started developing tiny little bumps all around my eye area, disturbing and disheartening!
Non-Comedogenic? I don't think so.
It did NOT brighten my eyes (maybe they expected the gold shimer to "brighten" the eye?), it did NOT reduce my dark circles (infact, made it worse), it did nothing for my puffiness, and nothing to my fine lines.

I feel like they just wrote down all the points they could think of to sell this product, and simply listed them as "benefits" on the packaging.


Adorable packaging!
I also love products that come in a pump applicator, that was definitely another reason why I picked this product up!

My verdict:

Please don't do this to yourself. It is not even a drugstore price range to experiment with, There are other great eye creams way more affordable, and effective in the drugstore!
Not worth it!


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