Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (No 4) - Review, Swatch, Before & After (Best concealer for dark circles for dark skin)

If you've been looking for a good under - eye concealer, or even better, a good all over concealer, your search might end here.

Keep reading to find out if Laura Mercier is for you!

Getting the important details out of the way:

Price: KD 9.250
Available at : Debenhams, Avenues
Product amount: 2.20gm

Allergy tested to minimize risk of allergy & irritation
Not tested on animals (YAY!!)


1. Unbelievably pigmented! This could be the most pigmented concealer I have ever tried. It is so pigmented that it is even slightly sticky. A tiny little touch goes a long way. Infact, to cover the dark circles underneath one of my eye, I only need to lightly touch my brush in the concealer pot once!
2. Brightening. I don't know if it is meant to apply as a brightening concealer, but I have noticed that as I blend out the concealer, it brightens my under eye area in the most natural and beautiful way.
3. Long lasting. I wear it for an entire day for work, and go straight to the gym with it. It has lasted through all of my crazy work out routine! (I don't generally sweat profusely, and ofcourse I'm careful not to wipe my face roughly while at the gym)
4. I didn't feel the need to powder it. It sets on its own into a nature matte finish
5. Easy application. Easy to blend
6. Looks natural, like you have nothing on!



1. I didn't find it moisturizing
2. Seems to cling on to dry spots, so it is important to have a well moisturized face before application of the concealer. If you have extremely dry under eye area, maybe this is not for you

Swipe with just one touch in the pot
 Final verdict: Although it's over priced in Kuwait, I love it and recommend it! Seems like it will last forever since you need the tiniest amount. 

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  1. Hi jovita. In love with your work. What shade are you in the concealer

  2. Ohh it's just perfect concealer but not reachable at Indian market :(

  3. wow this one looks impressive and so natural! i use one from Inglot. Not sure if this brand s available in India. Will watch out for it. :)

  4. Tempted to try this once I run out of my Mac concealer! Have been hearing the nicest things about this line!

  5. See I have this concealer and have used it for about 4 months now, but I find it creases horribly and doesnt cut it alone to cover my circles, if I use a corrector I find it slides around and creases more and if I powder it it lookes cakey! I dont know what to do because it was expensive- but it matches my skin tone well :( I have very deep set under eye circles which are quite dark, could anyone give me tips on how to make this work? should I try baking it after use/with what? plz halp T_T


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