Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kim Kardashian Makeup For Dark/Tan/Indian Skin Made Simple

Kim Kardashian's makeup is the most searched makeup tutorial on YouTube, and for a good reason!

Keep reading to find out how to apply Kim Kardashian makeup!

Why wouldn't Kim Kardashian's makeup be the most sort after makeup look?
It's glamourous, it's actually simple, and she is the queen of highlighting+contouring, smoldering eyes and pouty Lips.

The Key to the look is a well bronzed and highlighted face, plenty of lashes, and a few simple tricks to make the lips look pouty!

In the following video I explain:
-How to contour like Kim Kardashian
-How to highlight like Kim Kardashian
-How to apply eyemakeup like Kim Kardashian
-Lipstick tricks to get pouty lips like Kim Kardashian

Here,check out the complete tutorial!

This look is so versatile that it can be worn by anyone, any skin tone and to any occasion! Makes everyone look good!

Here is a video in which I explain contouring and highlighting in detail for different face shapes! What is your face shape?

And if you have trouble getting the perfect eyeliner on, you might be want to watch the next video, after all the smoldering stare with the perfect eyeliner is key to the Kim Kardashian look!

If you try this look, do show me your pic!
Post it on your social media using the hashtag #MrJovitaGeorge

Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time, stay gorgeous!


  1. hi . I already commented on your youtube channel . Please do a makeup swap with me . I live in saudi arabia . 😘😘😘 Please reply

  2. Which other foundation can one use to achieve this look?


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