Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CLINIQUE All About Eyes - Eye Cream Review (Eye cream for 20's & early 30's)

An eye cream that's perfect for your 20's & early 30's

Continue reading to find out the pros, cons & other details.

I've been on the hunt for a good moisturizing anti aging eye cream for the longest time, and I think I've found a wonderful eye cream that touches most of my concerns.

Let's get the statistics out of the way:
Product amount: 15ml
Price: KD 18
Available at: VaVaVoom, Debenhams in Kuwait

1. Reduces circles
2. Hydrating
3. Diminishes puffiness around your eyes
4. Suitable for all skin types

1. Completely fragrance free! I love this. I hate the thought of applying perfume right around my eye area, on a daily basis. I hate fragranced skincare products all together.
2. Highly moisturizing
3.. Does not feel oily, it gets absorbed into the skin quite quickly to leave a silky smooth finish. Perfect as a base for makeup!
4. Lovely texture. The texture is a beautiful cross between gel and cream
5. I did notice a reduction in my dark circles


And now to get to the cons:
1. Comes in a jar. I would've preferred a closed container with a pump dispenser.
2. Seems to finish really fast
3. Let's face it. It's crazy expensive! 18 KD for 15ml of product? And usually eye creams seem to last a life time, but this formula is simply vanishing in front of my eyes! 

My final verdict: Go for it if you don't mind the price. Personally, I don't mind shelling out on a good eye cream, (I would've preferred it if it lasted longer, but , oh well! ) The eye area is where the signs of aging hits first. So in my opinion, if you can choose 2 expensive products, they should be a good eye cream and a good serum (since a serum is packed with good stuff for your skin.)


  1. I tried this..but too expensive. I love love love vitamin e eye cream from body shop :) try!

  2. Excellent review, Jovita!

  3. Thanx for review I would definately try this! :-)

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