Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Face Mask Review

What's up my lovelies,

Today I'm here to introduce you to a miracle potion for your face - Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Face Mask

Keep reading for the full review!

This product is an overnight face mask that targets large poles and skin discoloration. It also gives you soft, supple and youthful skin. 
Let me tell you one thing, this is no gimmick, this product actually works!
All you do is apply a rich layer of this face mask, instead of your night cream all over your face and neck and go to sleep. Wash it off in the morning with cool water. 
You will wake up to the most beautiful glowing skin ever!
And the best part of it all? There are no chemicals in it. it's made of 100% natural ingredients! They're even certified by the Thai ministry to confirm that this product contains no steroids or mercury, or anything that's harmful to your health!

Talking about the packaging, it comes in a pretty cool acrylic container. What impressed me most was the really cool, innovative pump! 

You apply pressure on the top disk and the product squirts out from the middle, how cool is that??

 ok, keeping my excitement aside, let me tell you that a pump dispenser is very hygienic, since you will not be dipping and re-dipping your dirty little fingers into the face mask every time you want to use it. :p

Also, it keep the product away from air and light, thus, keeping the potency of the ingredients safe!

The pump dispenses just the right amount of product each time. Never any excess or waste!

All in all , I absolutely love it, and I highly recommend it. Watch my video for a more detailed review on benefits, texture and application of this product

Available at:, they ship world wide.
Price: $38.50


  1. Hi Jovita! I absolutely love and adore you and your videos.. I was looking at Beauty Gurus on YouTube and I am glad to stumble onto your channel cuz you and me are the same skin tone which honestly has made life much easier! LOL! I wanted to ask you how authentic do you think this product is? And did it consistently show results? My skin used to be quiet acne prone and though it's clear now, there are blemishes and marks left ..! Would be awesome if you could reply! You rock! Thanks. Xoxo

  2. Hi, I bought this after checking Jovita's video. I live in US and bought it on eBay costed me around $30. I love this product. It may not completely remove acne blemishes but it brightens the skintone. I felt the difference after the first use. The plus about this product is it doesn't break out your skin at all. Jovita thanks for introducing this product to us. You rock! Thanks.

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  6. I love this article, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!! I am regularly using Sakare's regenerating peeling mask. I would strongly recommend this to all.

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