Sunday, May 4, 2014

MrJovitaGeorge's Fashion Choices - April 2014

Hi my friends, I'm here with another round up of my fashion choices for the month of April 2014.
Your outfits speak in volume of your mood, the climate and your personal taste.

Looking back at my outfits, I realized that comfort was key for me for the past month.
Comfortable fashion means flat shoes and loose fitting clothes, nothing that causes pain and discomfort in the rising heat, and really tiring month I had.

To make a rather comfy outfit fashionable, I chose to accessorize like never before. I have always loved layering- finger rings, arm jewelry, delicate necklaces.. but this month, I took a special liking to layering chunky neck pieces! Loving it!

I also experimented with denim, it's no surprise, since denim is synonymous with summer, and summer has hit us in full force! I'm especially loving the 90's style when it comes to denim. From the fabric to fit to color.

I also learned that throwing on a well fitted blazer over a very casual and comfortable t-shirt and jeans ensemble, takes it from running errands to work appropriate, smart casuals !

These are all images that are featured in my instagram account. For more pictures and outfit details, please catch me on instagram - MrJovitaGeorge

So, That was it for the month of April, I'll catch you in the end of this month. Take care my dearest friends!

Share with me your favorite fashion choices of the month..


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  2. I love all your outfits especially the harem pants in blue and the floral dress

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