Saturday, April 19, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Staches On Dark Skin (without primer)

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As you can see from the swatches, the colors are all beautiful. 
They are not consistent when it comes to their quality. While a few shadows are pigmented and opague, others are buttery, but chalky. A few of the shimmery shadows are not pigmented enough. But ofcourse, with a primer underneath and a few coats, the colors are mind blowing.
The darker colors are very long lasting. They actually stained my skin, like lipsticks do. I had a few dark swipes for a few hours, even after I wiped off the eye shadows swatches form my arm.

My main concern was if this palette is suitable for dark skin. While a few colors look great on darker skin, colors like blackheart, mugshot, factory, nooner and trick look amazing.But, the palette as a whole is not a must have for darker girls, and the colors are not unique.

The Urban Decay palette comes with 12 shadows and cost about 18 KD, and is available in Sephora, Kuwait.


  1. HI Jovita, thanking you for this post. I honestly feel that urban decay palette can be duped by mixing and matching many other eyeshadows and palettes from inexpensive brands. BourJois has some excellent eyeshadows

  2. Totally agree. I go to Sephora many times wanting to buy it, but the minute I swatch I realise its not meant for tan/deep skin and walk away. The sleek palettes are way better.

  3. Jovita, Is sleek brand available in kuwait???? if so, cn u tel me wher?? cuz i want a rely gud palette wit ol de shades...lke from pinks to browns to greys ;) cn u tel me one frm a drugstore brand? Thnks alotttt in advance <3 :D

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