Monday, April 7, 2014

The Nude Lipstick

Nude Lipsticks are all the rage this summer. 
Topped with a pretty gloss, and armed with winged eyeliner, You've got the perfect look that can take you from day to night effortlessly!

For a lot of us, especially girls with deeper skin tones, it's a little tricky to find the right shade of nude lipstick.  I'm going to erase that problem from your life, FOR GOOD! 
 keep reading!

Made popular by our darling J-Lo, and hyped out of proportion by Miss Kimmie K, every one wants a taste of nude lipstick.
Some try and fail, upon never finding that perfect shade of Nude Lipstick.
Sometimes, nude lipstick is mistaken for "Erased lips". While that looks drop dead gorgeous on some women, others like myself, the majority, struggle with "I got milk on my lips when I try nude lipstick"!

So, to familiarize you with the concept, Nude Lipstick can be better explained by the term "My lips but better", I'm sure you've come across that 1 lipstick that makes your lips look hotter, sweeter, but it doesn't look like you're wearing any lipstick! That, to me is the ideal nude lipstick! 'Cuz your lips are nude, get it?

But we can spin off of that trail and try the more Kim K nude. And here, to educate you further, on this very important topic, we have pink-y nudes, and brown-y nudes.
Feel like a scientist yet? ok, keep reading!
The pink-y nudes make you look more alive, and blushing. And the brown-y nudes make you look hotter. Especially when worn with dark smokey eyes.
Atleast most of the time.


Now about finding that Nude Lippie.

Actually, why bother, when you can make your own shade, each time, every time, the perfect pink-y nude, or the perfect brown-y nude to fit the occasion/ your mood!

Watch the video lady (or gent) ! :) 

So I hope that helped you, entertained you, or even educated you!
Happy Nude Lippping!



  1. great video, never worn nude ever but daring to try!

  2. Hi Jovita, you were Miss, Kerala few years back I guess. Nice to see your blog. I have subscribed to it now. My nude lipsticks are Nature's Blush from L'oreal Color Riche range, Lakme Apricot Nectar and MAC Mehr. I am eyeing MAC Mocha soon after I finish my Nature's Blush or Apricot Nectar

    1. Hey honey, lovely to hear from you. I am the same girl you have in mind, hehe. Anyways, I'm glad to know that you're planning on getting you're next nude lipstick after you go through the ones you have! :) Keep in touch!


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