Monday, April 14, 2014

IMAN BB Creme Review (Clay Medium)

IMAN BB Creme has won multiple Beauty Awards. So, it is quite obvious that this is an ace product. Keep reading to find out my review.

It comes in a very sturdy reliable packaging.

The tube itself is very sleek, glamorous with the gold twist-up cap and travel friendly.

About the product:

It takes about 10 minutes to set into your skin, so if you wet your face within 10 minutes of applying the BB creme , it's going to leak and smudge like water color, but after that initial 10 minutes, it's set for the day!
It blends into the skin effortlessly, you can rub it into your skin just like you would, your daily moisturizer. You can even use a brush if you wish. I prefer a flat top kabuki brush to apply it since it makes my morning routine a lot faster!
It contains SPF 15, although that is not enough for a full day of sun protection, it is better than not having anything at all.
The IMAN BB creme does a good job in moisturizing my skin. I don't have to wear a moisturizer underneath this product. It's my all in all.
But, I didn't like to wear it in India. It gave a very oily, shiny look to the face. India is very hot and humid. so, this product is definitely not a matte finish product. It gives a dewy finish.

It has a good medium coverage, which is not buildable though.

I find it just perfect for daily wear, with a little bit of concealer under my eyes and powder to set it all in place, when I'm in Kuwait.


  1. Nice review. I prefer BB creams in summers. stumbled upon ur youtube channel. I love it.

  2. hi jovita. ive been enjoying ur blog and videos as well. ur doing a great job. im totally addicted to ur channel :). do u know if this bb cream available in india? or is it only available in the middle east? cud u tell me what stores i cud probably pick it up from in middle east? like a centrepoint or something?

    1. You can buy it from their website

  3. Hi where can i find in dubai....Iman products...


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