Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick - Review and Swatch

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks Swatch

When I saw this, I instantly thought, so there is Bourjois's addition to the world of "liquid lipsticks". If you're not familiar with this kind of product, it's a really cool concept really.

The product comes in a lip gloss packaging, with liquid product and doe-foot applicator, the whole works.
But, it goes on your lips just like lipstick, it is more thick and pigmented, generally less glossy. Basically if a lipstick and a lipgloss were to have a child, this would be it.

I have reviewed a similar product here:

Now, to get into the review of Bourjois Velvet Lipsticks - I was not impressed. They went on quite patchy, and I had to put in some effort, and quite some time to blend the color into my lips without streaks and patches. Not to mention, it is very drying.
I'd rather pick up the regular rouge edition lipstick. LOVED those!

On the brighter side, they are quite pigmented and pretty once it is all set on your lips.And definitely long lasting. It slightly stains your lips, so even when the product wears off, you're left with a little stain. It also has a velvet finish as promised, but it dries it quite soon, to give you a rather "dry" finish!

They come in 8 shades. Like the name suggests, all in the red family. 

I have to say, it reminded me of the NYX matte velvet lipsticks. One of the first brands to come out with these kind of product. And they did a much better job at it.

They cost about 5KD and is available in Boots, VaVaVoom, Debenhams and Centerpoint in Kuwait.


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  2. I have been searching for this one in India, sadly you dont get the melted lipstick get the bullet lipstick form and it is not even the same formula!!!

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