Saturday, April 12, 2014

12 Makeup Tips That Ever Girl Must Know

Watch the video for a full list of makeup tips that you should know!


This video includes tips and tricks about foundation routine, lipsticks, mascara, eyebrows, and so on.. 

Tip #1: How to make your makeup long lasting (foundation, concealer, eye makeup)
Tip #2: How to have flawless foundation application
Tip #3: Concealer for under eye circle:
Tip #4: Concealer on lips/ Nude lipstick:
Tip #5: Voluminous non clumpy lashes mascara tip
Tip #6: Tip to prevent lipstick stains on your teeth
Tip #7: How to get perfect winged eyeliner 
Tip #8: Makeup tip for mature skin/ skin with visible pores or acne
Tip #9: How to make an electric eyeshadow color pop
Tip #10: Perfect dark lipstick tip
Tip #11: Beautiful doll eyes tip
Tip #12: How to fill in your eye brows


  1. Hi Jovita I am also from Kerala.I love your videos because I feel we are having a converation

  2. While applying make-up to blue eyes, it is very important to first wipe-off all old make-up. Once done the eyes would be similar to a blank canvas. This would help in enhancing the beauty of the contrast colors because if the ‘blank canvas’ is not created, the new color may gel with the old color giving a totally different output than what is expected. Once ready, it is important to apply a primer to the eyelids in order to prepare the eyes for the contrast color. If not for blue eyes, a black primer can be used which usually goes down well with almost all skin tones. Since blue eyes are special, it is very important to choose the right color while applying a make-up. If a primer is not readily available at hand, a concealer might also be used to create the desired foundation. The benefit or reason for using a primer or a concealer is that it helps the make-up to remain longer periods of time without fading away or fading out.
    eye shadow tips

  3. Hi Jovita - It's SO refreshing to see someone celebrate their natural features. I'm sick and tired of the lightened-hair epidemic as well as the onslaught of fake eye colors (via contact lenses). People don't realize that it is washing them out and/or looks completely unnatural, even bizarre.

  4. Nice tips shared!!!! It is true that today every girl must know about makeup tips as without makeup no one wants to go outside. Pigment eyeshadow is much popular today as by this you can easily increase the beauty of your eyes.


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