Monday, March 10, 2014

NYX Love In Rio - En Fuego - Review and Swatch

I am a fan of NYX eye shadows. They have a huge variety of colors and finishes. 
But they are also known for having inconsistent quality for their eye shadows. 
Some times they work, sometimes, they don't.
Read the rest of the review to find out if the Love In Rio palette is a hit or miss.

The Love In Rio series comes with a few different combinations. I got the 08-En Fuego palette, because I was in the market for a good burgundy eye shadow.

Right of the bat, the packaging is adorable! And the eye shadows come in a good quantity. The trio also comes with a generic sponge tip applicator.

The palette comes with a beautiful combination of colors. I have already made 3 or 4 looks with just this palette! The many different ways you can use these color combination is amazing! It is also flattering to girls with all skin tones!

Now, I hate to say this because I LOVE NYX products. But,I did not like this palette. :( 
And here's why:

1. They are NOT pigmented at all!! You can see from the pictures below, that they barely have any color to them. The grey is slightly more pigmented but, that could be because it is a darker color.
2. The pale pink color is too powdery and has chunks of glitter that show up only when it feels like. Sometimes you don't even see any shimmer in there! 
3. The maroon color goes on more like a brown. Which was a huge disappointment since I bought this palette just for that maroon! :(
4. They do not stay on! They fade in just about 2 hours, even with a primer on! so, all that work you put into getting a beautiful eye look is just a waste of time.
5. The grey and maroon blend in a little too much! By the end of blending, you would just see 1 blob of brown. :/
6. And, of course, they have pretty nasty fall outs.

Swatch without primer
Swatch with primer

Nyx cosmetics are available in the cosmetics counter of all Center Point outlets in Kuwait

 Here are a few looks I created with this palette, if you'd like to recreate them with similar colors, OR if you already have this palette OR if you'd just like to see the palette (or me) in action! :D


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