Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bourjois healthy mix foundation - Review and swatch (no. 58)

Bourjois is one of my favorite makeup brands. And it gives me extra joy when a drugstore brand carries a foundation in deeper colors to match us tan girls!
But does this foundation do a good job? Keep reading to find out!

Let's skip all drama and jump right into pro's and con's. To start off on a positive note, let's just do the pro's first. Shall we?

1. Long lasting. Bourjois promises 16 hours of wear with this foundation! I agree with the super long lasting quality.
2.Light weight. Does not feel cake-y on the skin. It goes on as a light wash of color, and still lets your skin peek through. Meaning, it doesn't look like you've got tonnes of makeup on your face while you're wearing the Healthy Mix foundation. It just looks like you have good skin. (provided you do a good job at blending and buying a shade that closely matches your face)
3.Easily available
4.Comes in a cute clear packaging made of actual glass. Unlike other foundation bottles that are tinted in the foundation color, you can actually monitor the level of foundation in this bottle. So I like to keep a check of how much I have left!
5.It literally smells like spring. It has a very sweet fruity floral scent.
6.Comes with a convenient pump.
7. Provides medium coverage that sways more to the full coverage end.
8. Dries to a semi-matte finish
9. Owing to its light consistency, it will not crease , unless you cake on too many layers.


1. Limited shades to choose from. The no.58, that I use is the darkest color in the range.
2. The cap is made of plastic, which I assume will break in the near future. 
3. Might not be suitable for dry skin. To make it work on dry skin, make sure you moisturize well before you apply this foundation. 
4. Still price-y for a drugstore brand.

Other Details:
Price: About KD. 7.000
Available at: Vavavoom, Debenhas, Boots, Max, Centre Point.

Curious about the application of this foundation? Watch the following video!


  1. I cudnt open ur video, wud u plz share the link :)

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ij-0qKi5oTc

    2. http://youtu.be/AVJchbsx7LA

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  3. Coul you suggest me a drugstore foundation that works well for Indian summers? I want a no spf foundation as I plan to wear it on my brother's wedding.

  4. Hi jovita ...leme tell u first that i am a big silent fan of urs... :) my skin type is v close to urs so i keep watchin u. Now abt this foundation,is it a sweat free one. I hav a combo skin in studio fix fluid NW43. Here in India foundations tends to melt in summers. So plz suggest a good one. Please respond as it will motivate me to write more. ..haha...i am a lazy bundle otherwise...ttgx lov u...:):)


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