Thursday, February 20, 2014

Benefit They're Real mascara - Review and Swatch

Hi my beautiful friends!

Today, let's discuss the very much hyped and over hyped mascara - Benefit They're Real mascara!
I had upload a video of my review recently, and judging from your comments, it's very evident that against all odds, a lot of you shared similar opinion as mine. So if you haven't shelled out big money to buy this raved product yet, keep reading to find out if you really should!

So, I uploaded my video half heartedly, because I just knew that I would be receiving a lot of hate for expressing my opinion on the cult product- Benefit They're Real mascara 
A lot of people have literally accepted this little baby as a part of their makeup family, and take any offense personally. I have seen countless beauty guru's rave endlessly about Benefit They're Real mascara, and they even feature it in their monthly and even annual favorites!

Now, my question is WHY? Believe me when I say this, there are a lot better mascaras out there for half the price of Benefit They're Real mascara! I'll get to me review in a second, but let's take a moment here to marvel at the brilliant marketing plan that got more than half the world adoring this mascara, when it is just a mediocre mascara!

It was an instant hit on YouTube, about 2 years ago when it released, so was it on all the major beauty blogs across the world. People stood in lines to get and try this mascara! And, since the Big Bosses of beauty blogging hyped this product, the smaller bosses probably couldn't deny its wonder.
Lol, I sound a little dramatic. Now on to my quick review:

Price: KD. 9.000
Available at: Sephora (In Kuwait, The Avenues Mall)
Product: Contains 8.5gms
Wand: Plastic wand with spikes on the top end


1. Extremely Long wearing
2. True Black in color
3. If applied on curled lashes, it will hold the curl for hours
4. Although it is not supposed to be water proof, it definitely  can handle a teary movie, and an unexpected rain.
5. Lengthens


1. A nightmare to remove. I have tried plenty of makeup removing techniques. Non worked.
2. Gives a hard crispy finish to your lashes. They are not soft or touchable.
3. Despite the claims, it does NOT volumize
4. It does NOT curl your lashes. Holding the curl from already curled lashes is a different thing.
5. Dries out within a month and half
6. The consistency of the mascara changes every day.
7. Not worth the high price tag

Watch my full review on the video, and scroll down to read the comments to get some additional tips from my lovely viewers.

Hope this review helped. Catch ya later!


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