Wednesday, January 8, 2014

UNE Natural Beauty Nail Color in C05: Review and Swatch

UNE Nail Color boasts of being made of 72% - 85% of natural origin. 
That would make it an ideal polish for pregnant women, and all the girls trying to go the natural route.
Keep reading for the full review and swatch.

What I love about UNE is that they have plenty of options for tan / medium - dark skin girls. Everything being of natural origin makes the whole deal unbeatable.
Now when they say 72 - 85 % of natural origin for the nail colors, I wonder why not a definitive number, why a vague range, but truth is they are above 70% of natural origin, which makes it a lot safer to use than other nail polishes.
       They are also formaldehyde, toulene and pthalate free. It is also a 3 in 1 nail color, which combines base coat, nail color, and shiny top coat. 

Now for my review: 

The UNE nail polish, true to their claim seem to be a 3 in 1 product. I never find the need to use a separate base coat or top coat while using this product.
It lasts for a very long time, at least 4 days without any chips or cracks.
 The nail color is of thick consistency and goes on very smoothly, without any streaking or clumping.
And the thick wide brush makes the nail color application even easier, a few swipes and you're done.

The color itself is so opaque that you can actually get away with just 1 coat if you're pressed for time.

It doesn't have any super quick drying powers, but it doesn't take an awfully long time to dry either.

This nail color is a must have for all tan girls who love a good neutral nail. 
They have about 9 shades to chose from. And is available in VaVaVoom in Kuwait
Price: KD 3.500

Final Verdict: I love it and highly recommend it ! I want to get the other colors too!


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