Monday, January 27, 2014

The Ultimate Guide: What to wear for Valentine's Day (Outfit ideas + Makeup)

Sitting in front of my laptop at 1:00 am, I'm thinking what's this fuss about deciding what to wear to a date. I forget that, I've been in the game myself, and not too long ago. Excited about that 1 date, with that 1 crush who gets your heart beat rising like a crazy cardio. Wondering what to wear, to look stunning, to impress, to kill. It was such an adrenalin rush. And I made a few terrible choices in the past. oh, well. C'est la vie! :)
Being married takes away that suspense. I feel comfortable enough to walk in torn pajamas and still feel sexy for him! That's the plus side of being married. Down side being, the loss of excitement - the unending battle of mind games- will he like me, will he not, will he ask me again, should I plot.

For my girl friends, who are beaming in the game, I have done the thinking and planning for you! All you have to do is pick out an outfit that I put together, and look pretty!
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I'm thinking there could be 4 possible scenario's

1. A sweet innocent day date : You could have planned something fun for the park, breakfast or brunch, maybe a romantic comedy?
2. A sexy glamorous evening date : Fancy dinner followed by drinks?
3. Hot and wild date : Valentine's day special, clubbing night
4. A cosy day-in date: You might like to avoid all the commercialization of love and overcrowded restaurants.A lazy day lounging in sounds like just the thing to do. Pop corn, chocolate, Romcom marathon, board got it!

So here are my outfit picks:

1. Day Date

I suggest a romantic, girly outfit like a sweet circle skirt in a pastel color, teamed with a peter pan collar blouse. If you prefer comfort over style, wear a pair of cap toed ballerina flats in neutral color. Else, go for a strappy metallic pair of comfy heels. 
A cross body bag, in metallic finish, would keep your hands free and tie in to the whole romantic theme we're going for here. 

May I suggest a few makeup looks to go with this:

2. Sophisticated Evening Date:

There is no girl who doesn't own an LBD, and there is no guy who doesn't love it!
Don't think too much about styling and fashion trends, Men don't follow, and men don't care. They just know what looks good, and they will, for sure, appreciate a hot little black number on you.
When it comes to Little black dresses, the options are endless, fitted, plunging neckline, modest, flowy, the choice is really yours!
 I suggest one with cut out detailing or lace detailing, just for that added bit of updated glamour.
A Studded pair of stilletoes and a clutch to match in a pop of color would brighten your look and give you that edge. 
Team the outfit with dainty jewelry ( we don't want statement chunks of sparkle taking away attention from the real gem here) and classic red lips. Always sexy!

I suggest you watch the following videos for makeup inspirations:

3.  Wild Night of clubbing:

I suggest a sexy metallic dress teamed with a leather jacket, to protect you from that midnight chill. A structured mini purse, which multi-purposes as a clutch when you want to look fab and a cross body bag, when you want to be hands free. 
(all night dancing, keeping your stuff safe, sounds familiar?)
Pair the outfit with a pair of smokin' hot leopard print pumps for that extra oomph.

Here, the look is dominated by your face, and I suggest the following makeup:

4. Cozy day in:

Whether you prefer to watch movies all day, or pamper each other with chocolate facials (video coming soon), the pajama shorts are comfy, functional and sexy.
Need I explain?

So, those are my suggestions for your valentine's day outfits. Tell me what kind of date you're planning for, and what you ended up wearing. I would love to see pictures (if possible :P) just post it on fb, twitter or instagram with #mrjovitageorge.

Wishing you all the love, and excitement,
MrJovitaGeorge signing off.

Now I need to get my lazy ass up, brush my teeth, floss, wash my face and zzzz.
Good night.


  1. Love that 3rd look!!! Thanks for the help!

    1. im glad you liked it, would love to see you recreate it. If you do, upload your pic on fb, twitter or instagram with #mrjovitageorge. :)

  2. Greatly helpful... And very thoughtful..

  3. wowwww!!!! pretty much sums up what every girl would want. Loads of options too. thanks for the step by step makeup tutorials toooo ... loved emmmm

  4. Hi Jovita, I love watching your videos and enjoy your personality on Youtube. Your Blog is very cool too ;)

    I am in Hongkong and a housewife right now.. used to be a flight attendant with Cathay Pacific airways... I have recently started my own blog.. do not intend doing Youtube videos as yet.. would love for you to check out my Blog.. ;) I am now 41 years so much older than you ;))).... but would appreciate your views ...

    Love from hk!!... xxx


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