Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pictorial: How To Conceal Dark Under-eye Circle

Keep Reading for detailed explanation and Video tutorial on the same!

Follow these steps to conceal stubborn dark under eye circles:

1. Apply a blob of your favorite concealer on the back of your hand. (We're going to repurpose your hand as our artist's palette today!)
2. Grind a little bit of a peach/orangey blush/eyeshadow into the blob of concealer. Make sure your blush does NOT contain any shimmer.
3. Mix it up
4. Dab it right on your under eye circle, concentrating on the inner corner of your eyes.
5. Use your clean ring finger to blend it out seamlessly, and VOILA!
6. You can set it with a light dusting of powder if you have oily skin.

You can also view the following video which uses a similar technique to get rid of that stubborn dark circle!


  1. I think in the step 2. you meant Orange 'Blush/eyeshadow' instead of concealer? Just curious and confused... :s

    1. oh yes, thanks for bringing it to my notice dear :)

  2. i really loved the video on youtube about concealing dark circles ....i watched it in april 2014 and is has really helped me since then...i am a beginner when it comes to makeup...but with your help am learning...thank you once again...n keep up the good work

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