Thursday, January 23, 2014

MAKEUP FOREVER HD Foundation Review and 173 Swatch

Makeup Forever HD foundation is a much hyped foundation. It has been in the forefront of all foundations for the last couple of years. 
Keep reading to find out if it is worth the hype.

To avoid any poetic drama, and get right to the point, this foundation is worth every bit of the hype.
Infact, many makeup artists chose this foundation for brides and red carpet events.
I wore it to my engagement function too!

So what makes it so amazing?

1. It has a light fluid consistency. It is not thick or cakey.
2. It has a good medium coverage, which is good for those with relatively good skin to start with, and also for those with blemishes, since it is buildable to certain extend.

 3. It looks natural on the skin, like skin itself. If applied right, It doesn't look like you've got makeup on. 
4. It has good lasting power. which means it stays on your face with minimal creasing all day long withut any primer 
5. True to it's name, it is of amazing HD quality. Which means, you can film yourself in HD and the foundation wouldn't stand out. Coupled with a face of good makeup, you will just look natural and flawless. 

  6. It comes with a built in pump, which makes it easier to use and more hygienic.
7. It comes in a huge rainbow of colors, so, you're sure to find an exact match if you've got the fairest porcelain skin or the darkest coco skin.

Here's is how it looks applied on the face.

Watch my video on how to apply foundation

 A few other details:

Price: About KD 10
Amount of product: 30 ml
Available at: 
In Kuwait - MUFE stores (Avenues), Vavavoom, Debenhams
In India - Select City Walk Mall, Sephora, Delhi
Inorbit Mall, Mumbai


  1. Hey love. ..This was a review I really was looking forward since I was thinking of switching from mac face and body to mufe hd. Thanks gal. You did an amazing job as always....prima

  2. how does the foundation fair wrt MAC Studio Fix?

  3. You look flawless!

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