Sunday, January 26, 2014

L'oreal Color Riche Glitter Nail Polish L Or Noir Review and swatch

L'oreal Color Riche Glitter Nail Polish comes in a chic glamorous packaging. One would think this is the solution to layers of nail polish and hours of waiting time to achieve a simple glitter polish look.
But, does the nail polish polish deliver? Keep reading!

What it is: Black nail polish with gold hex glitters of varying size
What you expect: 1 step to glamorous gold glitter nails with black nail polish
Price: KD 3.500
Available at: (In Kuwait): VaVaVoom
What you get: 
1. Considerably small amount of product for the price you pay. It is essentially more expensive than China Glaze and Essie!
2. A newly open bottle gives a sheer wash of brown nail polish with dispersed glitter. It is build able to attain a true to bottle finish
Loreal Nail Polish - 1 layer swatch
3. The nail polish dries out in record time. By the third time you use it, it would be clumpy and very difficult to apply, or build up.
Clumpy brush with dried up polish. New bottle!
4. The worst part- it does not even last 24 hours on your nails! (without top coat or base coat). The whole nail polish chips of in the shape of your nails in just about 8 hours off applying it!

5. The brush is just a traditional brush. It is not wide or impressive.

Would I recommend it? 
Simply, No!


  1. Looking at the pictures I can easily tell the product is gloomy. Such a shame...waste of money. Btw loving your rings.

    1. i know, whats more depressing is that i was so exited about these, i bought 2 of the SAME!! :(


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