Friday, January 10, 2014

ARTDECO High Precision Liquid Liner 01 - Review and Swatch

Let me talk about my current favorite liquid liner! 
ARTDECO High Precision Liquid Liner 01
Keep reading for the full review and swatch
Costing about KD 6.000, it is slightly more expensive than you regular eyeliner, but I feel, every bit of it is worth this amazing product.

Needless to say, the packaging is a stunner. Cased in a sturdy silver metal case, the lid snaps tightly shut preventing any spillage in you purse and the tip from drying out.

It combines the ease of use of a pen/marker/felt tip eyeliner but still has that precision of a 'brush' applicator.
Felt tip eyeliners tend to dry out soon which leads to frantic hand shakes in the morning before you rush out that front door.
As long as there is still eyeliner in the cylinder, there is an even, undisturbed flow of eyeliner into the brush tip, without any clicking, twisting or shaking, which ensures a beautiful winged eyeliner with ease.

About the product itself, it belongs to one of those newgen blackest black, pitch black, ultimate black category. Definitely a rich black!
Although not waterproof, it lasts a very very long time, and is definitely water resistant.So, it is not going to come off with a quick tear or accidental rain.
But at the same time, it comes off easily with your regular face wash and water.

Without a doubt, this eyeliner is my new favorite, owing to it's black intensity, easy of use, longevity and glamorous packaging.
In Kuwait, it is available in VaVaVoom
So, I highly recommend!


  1. Need to buy it asap! ♡


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