Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lakme Absolute Lipstick in Eternal Wine: Review & Swatch

I had heard wonderful things about the Lakme Absolute range. 
And so, I was dying to try out their lipsticks, since I really can't stay away from any lip products.

I'm going through the products at the counter and right of the bat, I'm attracted to the chic, glamorous packaging of this lipstick! I mean, we girls fall for the silliest things, but it works, right?!


After swatching ALL the shades they had, I picked Eternal Wine. I am not a huge fan of glitter in my lipsticks, and a lot of the other shades had glitter. So finding my yummy shade was not a time consuming task!
The Lipstick cost: Rs.500

Lakme absolute Lipsticks are highly pigmented. They come in both creme and matte finishes. The matte finish comes in a matte grey tube, whereas the creme finish come in a metallic shiny grey tube as seen in the pictures.
The creme lipsticks have a semi matte finish on the lips, which I absolutely love!
They are very long lasting and do not dry out your lips either!
Whereas, the matte lipsticks are gorgeously super matte, and super long lasting. But they tend to dry out the lips slightly.

All in all, I love the lipstick, and the shade Eternal Wine is the most beautiful natural looking mauve-y color you could find!


  1. Can you please do a full face shot when you try a new lipstick. It helps so much more to judge the suitability of a certain colour on my skintone rather than judge purely the colour of the lipstick.

  2. Lipstick with eternal wine its really a nice idea especially for the wine lover. Hope to see some other wine related products at your blog. Thanks for sharing/


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