Monday, December 9, 2013

COLORBAR Pout in a pot in Fabel Pink : Review & swatch

I'm not usually a fan of lip products in a pot, but you know how pushy sales women forcefully smear stuff on your face?
Yea, that's what happened with me and Colorbar Pout in a Pot!
Keep reading for the complete review and swatches!
                                               It was love at first smear for me and Colorbar.
I really wasn't hoping for much while awkwardly having a strange lady apply this product on my lips. 
Like, she wouldn't just let me do it myself!

 It looks like a sheer wash of color. But, let me tel you 1 thing, I have heavily pigmented lips!
So, the product has a good medium coverage with a slightly lip-balmy shiny finish.
It definitely is moisturizing and extremely long lasting. The consistency is more like molten liquid lipstick than a well set lip balm!
The only problem is that it first applies kind of streaky, which you have to carefully blend in to give a seamless wash of color which then lasts for a crazy long time!
It does not dry out your lips with it's long lasting formula, in fact it leaves the lips feeling super supple for long. I say it's perfect for winter! I would've loved to see deeper, darker winter shades in this collection as well.

I got pout in a pot for Rs.450 from Kerala.
The product seems to have a well planned packaging, with a built in mirror and a medium quality lip brush tucked away on the lid (which is rather difficult to pull out in the beginning).

While the product itself is splendid, I have a few problems with the packaging:

Firstly, it is little too bulky for me, I wouldn't really want to carry this product along. 
So, the question of using the built in mirror, on the go, doesn't apply to me.

Secondly, the packaging seems to be of lower quality. As you can see from the images, the "Colorbar" logo is already rubbing off, and this product is just a month old. And, it also looks like the pot is slightly cracking around the edges.
Gone are the days when we paid just for the product itself. We are also paying for the packaging, and I would like packaging to of better quality, to last me a longer time!

Thirdly, while I love the idea of having a lip brush with the product, (you don't have to dip your dirty fingers in the pot each time you want to apply it, and wonder wear to wipe off the rest on your finger, nor do you have to go hunting for a lip brush in your stash!) I hate the fact that the brush goes back into a non-cleanable little hole, where the product can accumilate and get disgusting. 
Now, of course, the obvious solution is to be a good girl and clean the brush each time you use it. 
But, let's be real, we're just a tad bit too lazy and a tad bit too much in a hurry for that!

 There are about 5 shades in this collection, all of which are amazing. The one I have here is Fabel Pink 003.
It's a color that doesn't require much thought if you are a typical Indian dusky beauty!
Looks lovely, every time!


  1. Hello!
    I recently found your youtube site while on a search for makeup tips for Indian skin, and I love all your videos so far! And then I found your blog (yayy!). I'm so happy that I've found a youtuber who has tips for darker skinned people, and how to apply products (youe eyeshadow tutorials help me not look like a clown!)

    Madhavi x

  2. Love that you are getting more active on this blog. 4 new posts since the last time i checked, which was probably a week back !

  3. Enjoy your videos hun! and your blog ;) great post - this colour is gorgeous on you and matches skin tone amazingly well. have to find me some of these :D
    Kershia (


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  6. Do you know where I could buy it?


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