Thursday, October 24, 2013

Plaid Lovers | Plaid shirt and mustard yellow pants

Happy Fall y'all!

I always loved a plaid. When I say always, I don't mean for the past year, I mean, ALWAYS, right from when I was a school girl! Keep reading for an embarassing blast from the past :p


And you wouldn't believe the thrill I went through when I realized plaid is actually being a 'thing' this fall. So, yay me!

When it comes to styling plaid, there are so many different routes you can go!
It is such a simple, basic and fun print that doesn't take much to look good!

This being my first fall post  et all, I thought of incorporating just fall colors in this outfit. And, hence paired my burgundy plaid with mustard yellow pants..
eeeee LOVE!

And there is something especially pretty about pairing plaid and leopard print. So I did it in a small dose, with the belt. You don't want to overwhelm your outfit with clashing prints and colors!

I'm not generally one to do much matchy matchy. But when it comes to leopard print, there is an exception!

Kept my jewellery real simple with some dainty gold rings, and I have a video tutorial for this makeup

Added a metallic washed out gold clutch just to carry the essentials, and keep the outfit light in spite of the warm colors.

I fondly, remember the time, I went shopping with a guy friend. He wanted me to pick him a few shirts, since he said I have a good eye for fashion *cough yea he said that! :p
 I drifted towards the plaids, pulled out a really sexy burgandy and blue plaid shirt and handed it to him.
He took a look at it, looked at me and spat, "YUCK! Jo, I didn't know you're style is so bad!" A few other friends also came running to join the mockery. Sniff.
Well, I couldn't save myself from the wrath that day, But 10 years later baby, here I am, proving a point.
Don't you think a guy would look good in a crisp plaid shirt, a snug dirty blue jeans and brown shoes?
yeeea, I might have a cowboy in mind :p

Tell me how you like to wear plaid!


  1. yeaaaaaaa......oh oh luvly post... ;) u luk v pwetty srmuu ... n no flab btw

  2. You are a stunner ♥
    Can you id the shoes please? They look fab ! !


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