Saturday, September 21, 2013

Peplum or nothing! leather peplum and pink hi-low

Hey Love!

I still haven't gotten over my love for hi-low hemlines!

When you're armed with a peplum top, pair it with a skirt. Even better, a hi-low skirt!

Add some detail with an edgy metallic belt,

Accessories with some dainty jewelry,

Throw on a statement necklace and lipstick to match,

Stride in your favorite black pumps,

and you've got yourself an edgy yet glamorous outfit, fit for a fashionista.


 Outfit Details:

Black pumps: Jimmy Choos
Peplum top: New look
Hi-Low skirt: tailored
Metallic belt: Max
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacob
Dainty jewelry: Topshop
Statement necklace: Centerpoint


  1. Oh wow...ur looking stunning..beautiful pics too..

  2. omg ... love the outfit.. and you are looking extraaaa gorgeous here... you are soooo sooo soo pretty !!! <3 <3

  3. Lady,I have to say it! You are awesome! So pretty..and the way you've put the outfit together..and the way youve shot the pics and the way youve posed..its all perfecto!! You are officially AWESOME!! :O O :O
    <3 <3
    Proud to say that you are a fellow mallu..!
    Jovitachechi naatil varumbol ini para..eniqu ennellum onnu nerittu parichayapedanam!!

    Btw..Hats off for finding such a great location!!

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  6. My two favorite trends of the year in one! The peplum and leather look! I recently wrote a piece on them. Would love to hear your comments at :D



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