Sunday, September 1, 2013

Floral prints and a beach date

 In Kuwait, we are still enjoying the beach weather. A.K.A the terrible summers of Kuwait

 It is unbelievable how time is flying. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that some countires are actually entering Fall!

It seems like just yesterday when we were all excited for spring! right?

Anyways, coming to the topic- The outfit of the day,
You might recognize this dress from this post

I took a lighter twist of the same by layering on a white cropped jacket to keep it fresh, minimal and summery at the beach.

Teamed it with coral accessories

Pulled up my hair into a bun, (I have quite a few tutorials on how to do this bun), wore my staple flower earrings and smudged a little blue eyeliner on my lower lashline.

And enjoyed the absolute bliss of sea breeze not sticking to my lip gloss!


  1. Great post from you. Keep it up. Custom fridge magnets online, from Chumbak

  2. I loved the hair bun tutorial. I watched it mainly to see how you do the poof with the bangs. Pretty simple and looks good.


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