Sunday, August 11, 2013

Double denim, reflective sunglasses and strappy sandals

Hey my love!

If you know me enough, you'd know that I'm a true 90's girl, and I wouldn't ever miss the opportunity to layer denim on top of denim. 
I've done the same in in this post and in this!

However, I ditched my trustee pants for today's look and went for a thrifted denim shift dress instead.
Is it just coincidence that this dress actually reminds me of a patient? :/

And as for the bleached denim vest, I have been lookin for the perfect sleeveless white denim vest since the start of spring! Since I couldn't find "The One", I dug up my parents house and found an old true blue 90's denim jacket from 1999,altered it, cut up the sleeves, pockets and collar. Then bleached the living day lights out of it and added some bling on the chest!

Let's take a moment to discuss the accessories here. Ever since spring, the strappy heels have been all the rage. I just did not want to add to my shoe collection, moreover I steer clear of heels during the summer. I mean, the heat is enough to get me uncomfortable!
 But when I saw these strappy cousins of the heels ON SALE in Aldo, my inner shopoholic fashionista came raging out of her cage, and I just had to get it. 
Needless to say, I've bid farewell to all my other footwear now!


Very similar story here for Mr.reflective aviators. I'm a "forever aviator" kinda girl. And I saw this baby on sale , in Aldo, yes the same day.. n I didnt want to indulge in a higher end brand for a reflective pair, since I believe this is just a passing trend. Well, I love her to death anyways!

A cross body bag in the same color palette is both functional and comfortable so well, no confusions there!

And well, that's it! 
Hubby is home for lunch now, and , err, well.. he is hungry, and I haven't prepared anything. so..
bye :D
Luv u!


  1. hmmmmmm so trendyyyyyyyy :-) kool post

  2. you have amazing sense of your look...

  3. thats a really cool look :) lovin it.

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