Saturday, August 17, 2013

A summer affair | Orange maxi skirt and flower crown

Hi my love!

I feel like I start all my posts this way, but really, I've been wanting a pleated orange maxi skirt, that flows romantically since the dawn of spring. Ya, no joke!

I'm a weird shopper like that, I do not go into a shop and bring the house down,
 instead, I always know what I want (exactly) and I walk in and out of everything known to me looking for that very item!

My searches were in vain since I didn't get the pleated flowy orange maxi that I wanted, but when I finally saw something that almost fit the bill, I just grabbed it!'
(F.Y.I: I got this one from Zara)

Now it was easy to style this guy, especially since I've been craving it for so long, I didn't want to pair it with anything that took away the attention from the skirt!

So a white tee it is!

The exposed zipper, and the hint of rusty gold on the tee adds to the romance of the outfit

Oh, did I not speak of that monstrosity on my head yet? Again, I've been loathing over floral head bands and I never got a chance to wear them. 
I had one that I made for a fashion photo shoot months ago, so, then I thought, Why not?!

As for the rest of the outfit, I added on a pair of strappy wedges (since the skirt is a little too long for me),

a dainty floral necklace, a belt to define the waist line and a DIY lace clutch.

Hope you all are having a very inspiring day!



  1. Can I just say you look FABULOUS!! Even I usually have in mind what I am looking for but I still turn the store upside down hehe ;)

  2. Looking stunning....lovely skirt totally worth th wait...everything is breathtakingly beautiful..

  3. Wow! I love it! You are lookin so tall and lean!! Love d look n d flower monstrosity! Wud never wear it myself.. But looks awesome!

  4. The whole styling is so fairy tale like

  5. "I always know what I want (exactly)" - and that is the difference between you and me... The only thing I know when I go shopping is that I have nothing to wear. ;) But I hardly ever know what I want. That is probably why I never look as fabulous as you. You should definitely make a video on how to become a weird shopper like you i.e. a decided one. Kisses & hugs from Poland!

  6. You look amazing as usual....lots of love xx

  7. I've always been attracted to this hue.

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