Friday, June 7, 2013

Photo Diary: Malaysia Day 3

How could we exit The Petronas Twin Towers without me throwing a pose at him?!?

So the third day in malaysia was pretty uneventful, so there's nothing much to document. The fourth day we started by 'touristing' The Petronas Twin towers.
 Doing all the cliched touristy things we could possibly do. Like:

1.Getting excited for the movie-esque insignificant technological introduction to the twin tower.

2.Play with the 3D ticket image-errr... i don't even know what it's called. Basically, the ticket had a qr code that showed a 3d image of the map, and where we are located.

3. Pointlessly playing with the digital map. (Like anything made any difference!)

4. Condescending tiny lives muttering beneath us.

5.Admiring the city in miniature. (Always amusing!)

6.Admiring the breathtaking view of the buzzing city

7. Then I clicked him 

8. He clicked me

9. I clicked us

10. And he clicked our reflection!

11. We also clicked a mini- twin tower in the Twin tower. LOL. sounds like FUUNN!! 

 How could we exit the Petronas without me throwing a pose at him. :D

We got out and got into a Go KL bus. The city i kind enough to actually have FREE bus service for tourists (I Think) 
We got down at China town for lunch.

She spoke no English, and we spoke no Chinese, we still managed to convey our hunger and ordered some yummers in CHINESE. Booyaa!

I got into a jewellery supply store and, yes spend some time and cash there. 

Went to the public loo. It was the coolest loo, until I heard about the loo's in Japan.
Note to self: Must visit Japan!

How cute is this fella smiling for us?? :)

We walked and walked until we found the next mall. 

Got distracted by an Asian beauty store. (ofcourse)

Had some sushi for the 2ND TIME IN MY LIFE. The first time was disastrous. So I was skeptical about sushi king, but I got sucked into the whole conveyor belt thingy, tried a few plates, and ended up LOVING IT. (I picked up the cooked versions)
and we continued our walk through the lovely city.

Now here is a quick Outfit of the day snap.
As a tourist comfort is obviously key. I don't care about styles or trends. And hence the socks and the comfy ballets

 And for the night, I just threw on a cropped jacket to avoid looking a creature of the night!

That's it guys.


  1. Ermmm.... I think you mean "socks" and the comfy ballets...
    (You are welcome =)

    1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!!YESS. i didnt even proof read! lol... thanks babe

  2. you look all the pictures...

  3. Hey Jovita,

    You look fab in all the pics!! <3 <3 Mind telling me what brand/ model number is the watch that you're wearing? Watch freak that i am i just cant help but notice!

    Thanks! Much love!

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