Monday, June 10, 2013

Kitty in Tuxedo

Oh Hello my friend!

Let me quickly talk about my outfit - I have been loving my prints, and it just happens that Iev been gravitating towards the animals.. as you may have noticed from my previous post.
 I'm not particularly obsessed with them or anything.. go figure!

I like keeping my blouse, pants and shoes in the same color family. The visual effect of lengthening is mighty rewarding! 
I threw on a white tux, because, well, I just wanted to!

Layered on some simple chain necklaces and accessorized with a metallic gold clutch. 

Viola! And here we have today's outfit!

What I'm wearing:

Tuxedo : Forever 21
Leopard print tank: New Look
High waist pants: Zara
Layered necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Peppermint
Shades: Chanel
Clutch: River Island


  1. U always a treat 4 me jovi.. outstandin outfits.. jus love all of urs. Crazy fashionista.. n m followin u in twitter.. m new to it jovita.. love ya♡♥♡

  2. Nd one more I missed out.. hav u got the lakme poptints the new edition .. try they r awsome.;);)

  3. You rock the animal print trend..I prefer the print in small doses, a belt or ballerina....I BOUGHT AN ANIMAL PRINTED Tee during last sale from Zara, but then realized 5 months later that it doesn't suit me well. The tee is in good hands now though ....


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