Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Black and white with a pop of color

Hey my loves!!
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I've been away for quite a while,now don't get me wrong, I'm not lazy, and I'm not neglecting my baby blog, 
I have been religiously taking snaps for the blog, but never found the time to edit or upload!!
Apologies! :(


 In the meanwhile, winter has swiftly walked past us, making way for happy spring!

While I was aware of the black and white fashion forecast, I never expected me to grow so much onto the trend. I mean, spring is about colors right? 
well, Whadya know, The black and white trend captured quite a large spot in my heart!!

Unlike some girls, I have no qualms of donning black and white head to toe, and I have been doing so quite a bit, but today, 
the sun was shining, the wind was blowing, :P
 I just had to inject some color into the black and white palette!
And hence, the color blocked pants vs bag.

 Now, talking about this lace top, lace is in vogue this season undoubtedly, but here is another trend I was not planning on warming up to. The blouse was an impulse buy.
 Like, whatever, I just need to buy something, need retail therapy to de-stress. 
You know, that kind of buy!
But this is  one of fav buys. I love it!
 So many outfit ideas gushing through my mind!!


I have said this a million times, and I will say it another million times (maybe I will stop then!)
Accessories build a wardrobe. 
They give that finishing touch that takes you from 'nice clothes' to 'fab fashionista' !!
So pile 'em on this spring!

Now I cannot post this post without giving my baby a special mention right?
what do I say about her? Well, my nails match her today! :)

SSssomebody has been chatty today.
Catch ya later, alligator !


  1. Love it, love ur skin U guys are don't have to tan or the combination too..defo Trying out this

    1. thank u sooo much love!! I would love to see ur pics wearing this combo..!

  2. Such a classy way of wearing lace. I always have trouble finding the right slip for the lace tops, so pretty they look in my wardrobe though I hardly wear em outside :(

    1. I know right? my first choice was to reach for a slip too.. but i always felt a lil tacky showing skin thru lace.. so well.. why not pair it with a shirt? :)

  3. Ah! I loved your orange bag! Where do one get them from in Delhi?

    Keep writing...BTW what is MR in MR Jovita George? pl suggest.

    1. Thank u soo much sweetie. the bag is by Proenza Schouler. I'm sure there is a PS outlet in Delhi :) or you could buy online.. :) The model of the bag is PS1 medium.
      and mr is mister.. :D hehe.. long story is explained in a youtube video of mine. search "get to know me mrjovitageorge" on youtube :)

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