Monday, January 28, 2013

Metallics and green corduroy | featuring proenza schouler PS1

Greetings mi love!

So winter is mostly cozy, comfortable and neutral for me.
Isn't it for all?

I got this metallic cowls neck sweater before the winter started, and I was more than excited to warm it up!
Paired it with a pair of green corduroy jeans, and layered a fur leg warmer underneath my old old old brown booties :)

My phone is my best friend, I am always clicking, and I think Instagram has made my disease worse! :/

      Just in case you were wondering what I click.. He is my favorite subject.. always!
Usually my blog pictures are shot by my loving hubby. 
This day my sister, (that a lot of you are familiar with from my old posts) was with us, and she took over the photography department.
So, he was suddenly free, and was slightly confused with what to do with his freedom! And hence, the tree climbing!

I am a huge fan of the boots with exaggerated fur trimmings. I didn't want to buy anymore shoes, so I decided to DIY with some layering action.

Mission Accomplished! 

 Baby boo gifted herself an early birthday present!
I have been eyeing this baby 2 years now, and I always knew I'll own her one day!
It's the proenza schouler PS1 medium in bright orange. This color was not really what I was looking for, but a long story cut short, I ended up getting this one, and I love it!

Okay then, let me run, got stuff to do..
 Catch ya later!
Lots of love,
Jovita George

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday Market, Kuwait

I have always wanted to go thrift shopping,and I honestly thought thrift shopping is not possible in Kuwait!
Last weekend, coincidentally, fate lead us to Souq Al-Juma'a, popularly known as "The Friday Market".
This place was always ignored by us, since we thought of it as nothing more than a junk yard, but on reaching there I realized the magical haven!
It is located in Shuwaikh, a prime industrial area of Kuwait. It overflows with customers (mostly expatriates) during the evening, because, like I have mentioned before, the climate in Kuwait is more favorable after the sun sets.
The place contains second hand merchandises of everything under the sun and even brand new EVERYTHING.
Kitchen ware, pets, furniture, vehicles, hardware, antiques, clothes, makeup, food, shoes, sun glasses are just a few I can quickly recollect.
It is a huge open air space that one can enjoy even if they don't want to purchase anything. To stroll through with a hot cup of tea, to enjoy simple things in life! Life is not always about air conditioners and luxury!
Anyways, I will let my photos do rest of the talking, because they have quite a lot to tell!
Enjoy! :)
Ceramic cups

Antique coins

Antique jewellery

Antique cameras

Antique taperecorder

Antique typewriter, sewing machine


Antique radios


having some tea

seating area

Bronze artifacts


Add caption

Fashion in Friday Market


Cheap sunglasses


Kitchen Ware

Genuine antlers

Genuine Fur


Old soda bottles

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day Sequins : Sequin sweater and red skinny jeans

Goodmorning y'all! Last year this time, I made my first colored pants purchase.
It was this gorgeous red skinny jeans from Mango, that I over-wore and over blogged! If you would like to check them out, see , which was one of my favorites, , a formal take on red pants, ,biker chic, and - a spiced up version! 

I wore it soo much last year that I folded my red pants and stashed it away.
But now, the time has come again!

I have featured these babies in a post around a year ago. 

A true girl has got to love sequins. Then there is no question of day or night! I want to wear my sequins during the day, and that's that!

Topped it off with a bowler hat 

 and, it's time to dance!!

pop up

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