Sunday, December 23, 2012


Trapped in a forest,
Dark and damp,
She advances carefully
Looking for the light
Every step is unknown
 Every step a fright
But she’s overcome by a will
To make it out live
She pushes through mould,
She pushes through rough rocks
One such move she’s pushed into a hold
A fire of thorns pierces her flesh
Grounding her in hopelessness
Every inch rips through her skin
Every try wastes her blood.
Smeared in sweat, covered in muck
She gave a final screech for help
She gave up; lying in her cradle
the cradle of thorns that helps her rest
After the 180 days of constant struggle,
She decided to no more fight
It’s the forest for life now,
“Just you and me, cradle”
She sighed and drifted into sleep
Peaceful sleep.


  1. Two days back I randomly came across one of you makeup tutorials... I was so admired by the way you presented yourself that I sat and watched around 15 of your videos in one shot ! Love the enthusiasm! You would make a great RJ/VJ !!

  2. I had no idea that you write poems too! You are multi talented :) looking forward to more of your poems! And it would be great if you can do a video on how to put on fake eyelashes properly( cus I never get it right:-( ... And how to take the perfect puff (hair ) !! Just a suggestion :) I tried on your DIY turmeric+rice flour+yogurt pack and it's working wonders on my face ! Btw Iam a writer as well... Do visit my blog

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