Sunday, December 2, 2012

Return of the pajama pants,this time to work!

If you've been following my instagram, you might remember this post from last summer

I had featured it on my blog here
and it was also featured on one of my favorite fashion website's 

I'm still so in love with the pajama pants, I decided to autumn-ise the pants by adding a black button up with cute white detailing on it, along with a chiffon ribbon tied into a bow underneath the collar!

Adding a pair of simple black pointy toe pumps with kitten heels took this outfit from casual to smart and the arm candy in coordinated colors, gave it just the right amount of glam to a simple work outfit!

This pic is stolen from my Instagram as well,
so if you love fashion, and you aren't following me on Instagram yet ( username: mrjovitageorge ) , maybe you should now :D
Good day love!


  1. Your arm candy is always insane! I find it so hard to work with bracelets on, which results in a collection of jewelry in my work cabinet! Rock on Jovita :)

  2. Love the arm candy! As always, love your outfit!

    Heeral P.



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