Sunday, December 23, 2012


Trapped in a forest,
Dark and damp,
She advances carefully
Looking for the light
Every step is unknown
 Every step a fright
But she’s overcome by a will
To make it out live
She pushes through mould,
She pushes through rough rocks
One such move she’s pushed into a hold
A fire of thorns pierces her flesh
Grounding her in hopelessness
Every inch rips through her skin
Every try wastes her blood.
Smeared in sweat, covered in muck
She gave a final screech for help
She gave up; lying in her cradle
the cradle of thorns that helps her rest
After the 180 days of constant struggle,
She decided to no more fight
It’s the forest for life now,
“Just you and me, cradle”
She sighed and drifted into sleep
Peaceful sleep.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Royal Emerald

SO what have you been up? we're half way into december, Christmas is NEXT WEEK (WAAAAT?) , its the holiday season!
I've been major busy with carols, YEA! I sang :D It was a beautiful experience :)

Is it strange that I have to mention Kuwait's weather in every post?
I love winter, and I love bundling up.
This year winter teased a bit , but that's it. We're still stuck with the "enviable beautiful" weather. I had enough of that, now I need blistering cold!

As I always preach the fine detailing, the detailing that we often condemn not important, the detailing that we tend to ignore, is what makes an outfit stand out!

Anyways, I made an obvious shift from bright happy colors to more sultry dark colors. Emerald greens
and royal blues are a few of my fav's of the moment. So, why not both together?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Game Plan

Back in the day, I was a huge fan of the five o’clock shadow on my man. He looked hot and unkempt and rebellious and dirty and hot!
Now, although I still find him hot with the shadow and all, I feel he looks a bit unkempt and rebellious and dirty! So, now, I’d rather have him soft, supple, clean and cuddle-able!

Now, boys will always be boys, being dirty and lazy and unkempt runs in their vein! So, I have got to adjust, make a few changes and change my game plan.

I sat down and shuffled through my various options. In the end, it was a tough call between The Scare and The Crave. I thought The Crave showed more promise for a more effective game plan, and that I adopted!

Girls will be girls, and there are a few things we are really good at, ‘looking good’ is one of themalong with being manipulative and calculative! What man would be able to resist looking good, when their wife looks smoking hot! (By man, wife, girl and boy, I am not solely referring to myself or my hubby. This is a truly generic ;)  )
As a part of my best laid “Crave the stubs out of him” plan, I started paying extra attention to myself, getting back into my intense workouts, healthy eating, weekly skin and hair treatments, some nail pampering,  a little de-fuzzing action, a dab of gloss, a touch of highlight , a sprits of his favorite perfume and some music.

I figured, he wouldn't want it to look like his wife is having an affair with her driver when we walked hand in hand, he wouldn't want to be a shadow when his wife was busy radiating charm at holiday events, he wouldn't want to miss a chance for some check to check / cuddly time with her, he definitely would NOT want to give her the stubble rash,  and he would want to be let in for the talk of the town party and wave his hands up in air, itch free!

As expected, now he comes home, runs to the shower with a smile on his face, gets on with the works, The shower, The shave, steps out smelling like a dream, with a glow on his face-his face , his face! now that I cannot separate from..
Please let me conclude, simply put, The Crave Plan worked, and 'The craving' goes both ways now!

P.S: It looks like he’s had a facial every time he shaves! EVERY-TIME! Wish it was that easy for me.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Return of the pajama pants,this time to work!

If you've been following my instagram, you might remember this post from last summer

I had featured it on my blog here
and it was also featured on one of my favorite fashion website's 

I'm still so in love with the pajama pants, I decided to autumn-ise the pants by adding a black button up with cute white detailing on it, along with a chiffon ribbon tied into a bow underneath the collar!

Adding a pair of simple black pointy toe pumps with kitten heels took this outfit from casual to smart and the arm candy in coordinated colors, gave it just the right amount of glam to a simple work outfit!

This pic is stolen from my Instagram as well,
so if you love fashion, and you aren't following me on Instagram yet ( username: mrjovitageorge ) , maybe you should now :D
Good day love!

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