Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo Diary: Malaysia Day 1

Last month my husband and I took a short trip to Malasiya. It was NOT our honeymoon, I will only accept Paris as my honeymoon destination. So until we reach THE Paris, they are all going to be mini-moons and mini-mini-moons!
We took Air Asia to Malasiya. They won the award for the best low cost airline twice consecutively, but my verdict, you definitely pay for not paying!
The seats were too uncomfortable, the flight was too cold and everything including blankets are paid! L
We were jet lagged, frozen and exhausted by the time we reached our destination. All we could think of doing was to check in to our beautiful hotel n crash!
 But what do you know, the check in time in Malasiya is 2 pm!! And we were there by 8 am! Good heavens, we are used to the standard 12:00 pm check in time, so we were totally taken aback. We didn't have the super human powers to wait it out in the lobby, so we strolled out looking for a dirt cheap motel.
And so we found one! And omg! It was not a cheap place but , how do I explain, okay let me put it this way, the only thing the room had was a queen sized mattress. Period. 
No mirrors , no cupboards,  no side tables , no nothing! So I’m sure you understood what kinda “motel” we checked ourselves into!  But honestly, we cudn't care less, at that point all we required was a bed, and we passed out!
Fast forward to the next morning, we get out, I was so excited I actually forgot to get out of my comfy hotel room slippers!

Being first day tourists, we were excited about taking pictures and taking pictures of us taking pictures.
 Did I lose you? 

We pulled out some coins and walked to the nearest monorail, walked into the wrong counter multiple times, lost a lot of money, and finally hoped into a monorail (that we fondly call a ‘Metro’ in India)

As a tourist I found commuting within Kuala Lampur very easy. There are monorails that connect all the important stops, sky bridges, FREE buses and ofcourse the over , sorry, extremely over priced taxi service,  or else, you could just walk it out on the beautiful, roofed walks they’ve made connecting major landmarks.

Ready, Set, Go!

My first impression of the city was – MAN, THIS PLACE HAS BUILDINGS ! The architecture is spell binding!

We went straight to the KLCC (Kuala Lampur Convention Centre) , This place is always packed with exhibitions and events, to top it off, it is a beautiful location and is attached to a giant of a mall! :D

Did some eating, and learned it the hard way that Malaysians LOVE fish, there is fish sauce EVEN in fruit salad and chicken noodle soup.
And from my place you can be a judge of how much I loved the fish sauce in my fruits L
It looked scrumptious though :/

and got 2 tickets to visit the Twin towers

Did some more walking

These women were selling fakes. :D
they turned their heads as soon as i whipped out my gun!

After an entire day of walking in my sandals, I could feel my feet giving up, so it was time to get me some legit walkers!

and here is a quick round up of my outfit of the day, before I make some quick changes to make it night time appropriate :D

I darkened my makeup, layered a skirt atop my shorts, switched out my bag and shoes 

added a bling collar underneath my existing collar, and tadaaa! I was ready for Hard rock cafe,
Met with some friends, got merry and called a night, or mid morning I don't quite recall! 


  1. Even We went to Malaysia..though we stayed in KL for just a day...I found most of the stuff priced equivalent to Indian stuff...

    1. yea i knw! i was stunned at seeing the makeup prices! so cheap !! :(
      were all did u go in malaysia?

    2. We spent lot of days at langawi and then off we went to Frazer Hill..

    3. ooooh! even we went to lankawi. but we spent only 2 days der. n damn we miss d place so much already!!

  2. We flew Air Asia twice.. Found it manageable.. nothing comparable with Emirates or SQ, but for half the price, we could manage few hours on board without any inconvenience.

    Monorail and Metro are different.

  3. Ur writing good. Make story sound nice. seems like u had fun.

  4. Interesting travelogue!

    Of course, the shopping part has to mention stuff girls would like.

    The photos are nice - I can see your model background coming to the fore, because you quite enjoy posing! :)

    You do make a pretty picture. Keep writing!

  5. Hey Jovita, that was a fun read. Nice seeing a part of Malaysia through this post. I look forward to the rest of your travel stories. :)

  6. Quite an experience. Though I loved my experience in KL and Genting and have a piece written as well on KL.

  7. good pics as well as writing...all the best

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