Friday, October 19, 2012


We know that October is Breast cancer awareness month
we're half way through the month, and I'm sitting here wondering, what have we done about spreading awareness?

Now of course we wore pink ribbons, wore pink clothes, baked pink goodies and spread pink..
 but is that enough?
Please check out this article I wrote for my company's blog, "Being aware of breast cancer awareness" , this is how I could think of helping.
All of us can join in this venture to educate our self and the women in our lives to be aware of this deadly disease. It can happen to anyone, any time!

Now, coming to what I wore this week to work, pink of course, I just paired this dress with a a simple white button down and black leggings to make it more work appropriate

Added some simple jewellery like my flower earring , watch and a bracelet, not to take away from the pearl collar detailing, 

which my dear, yours truly did herself. 
The idea was to stitch an embellished peter pan collar with pearls, But it turned out rather shapeless. Nevertheless, I like the collar detailing , so I'm keeping it. 
And since it's stitched opposed to being glued, I can take it off, without damaging my precious little pink dress, when I'm bored of it!

Ballerina flats give me the comfort to run around at work all day and since I'm wearing black tights, I wanted to keep it all homogeneous. So went with black flats.

So, ladies enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, help those in need, for one day we will need it too!

What goes around comes around, my love!

Have a good day :)

What I wore:
Pink dress - Mango
White button down - H&M
Earring - Aldo
Watch - Longiness
Bracelet - Goodwill, cochin
Tights - don't remember
Flats - Reliance trends


  1. You look beautiful.I read your insightful article on your company blog. You are beautiful outside and inside. Love you.

  2. Your looks are gorgeous ,
    dark colored and contrasting colored dresses (like peacock blue,maroon, black) could do wonders :)

  3. this is soo beautiful. Esp when we tend to be a lilttle on the tan skin color types..which includes me..u ssly got me engaged in picking up colors for my wardrobe. So good to try colours..waowiee ur stunningly beautiful inside out.. :D Following ur videos on You tube as well

    1. That's wonderful to know.. :) tc hun

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